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delighting in the daily experience.

I promise I will actually share some kitchen creations again (starting tonight!) – I’ve been doing quite a bit of running around recently, and my knives and cutting boards have sadly been neglected.  Last night, I enjoyed dinner courtesy of Beam Green, the raw food community I was happily invited to by Gena last month.


When I arrived, I immediately found the lovely Danielle and hit up the buffet for vegan sushi, raw zucchini lasagna, and other assorted goodies.  I may have returned for seconds.  

The evening’s speakers consisted of Gene Stone, a writer and founder of the Manhattan dairy free ice cream shop, Stogo; Gil Jacobs, a highly knowledgeable cellular cleansing specialist; and David Philips, an expert spiritual counselor on Kabbalah.

I settled down to listen with green juice in hand (a bit different from my last glass of a similar shape!).  I later won a gift certificate to Liquiteria, which is wonderful, as their juices are both delicious and expensive.  Now I get $20 worth!


Like the last meeting, I left with many thoughts running through my head.  [Although we were all a bit distracted by the bombshell that this was the last Beam Green meeting ever.  No explanation as to why!]  One comment, however, stuck with me, from Gil Jacobs.  His words:

“Find the daily experience that works for you.”

One of the main reasons I enjoy a life full of whole foods is because the options seem limitless.  I find excitement in anticipating the produce that will next come into season; I find joy in combining and experimenting with different foods and flavors.  My lifestyle is not strict.  It is not work.  It’s fun.  Otherwise, I don’t think I could live it.

It doesn’t end with food.  I’ve dabbled in different forms of exercise, and I’ve kept my mind open to learning about health-focused lifestyles (high-raw, for instance) different from my own.  As my knowledge grows, my philosophies develop, and that constant state of being a work in progress is what makes this life a true joy to live.

Jacobs stressed that if one is counting the days until the torture of a healthful life is over, then something has to change.  It should never be painful; it just requires some experimentation to find the mix that works for you.

If we open ourselves to walks of life, to eating styles, to dogma foreign to our own, it may be uncomfortable, strange, and different.  But if we never take the chance, we’ll never experience the beauty of personal growth and change.  Missing out is too much of a shame.


I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to miss my sample of Stogo’s coconut milk ice cream.  I love my healthy life.

What delights you about your health style?



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zucchini boating.

One of my favorite parts of my approach to food is the freedom to experiment with the many different types of “clean” eating. Thanks to a recent visit to Pure Food and Wine, as well as the encyclopedic information provided by Gena, lately I have been enjoying forays into the world of raw foods.

Summer seems like the ideal period to delve into the raw world. In an apartment like mine, where there isn’t much ventilation, an excuse to leave the oven off and still eat a satisfying meal is always welcome.

So, I decided it was time to throw together a raw recipe of my own. An opportunity to play with my food and essentially turn a salad into something pretty? Well worth it.

zucchini shells

raw zucchini boats

  • 2 medium zucchini
  • 1 roma tomato
  • 1/4 c fresh oregano
  • 1 T evoo
  • pinch salt

Hollow out zucchini (leave about 1/4″ on each side). In blender or food processor, combine inside of zucchini with remaining ingredients. Blend well; pour into zucchini shells.

raw zucchini boats

This was a) incredibly quick, b) incredibly fun, c) incredibly tasty.  Whoever says clean eating is boring has no idea what they’re missing.

Have you tried any raw food recipes? 


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