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a reminder!

Just a reminder:

My new blog address is:

Google reader doesn’t appear to be recognizing the old feed, so to keep up with new posts, please change your subscription to the new address!  Thanks! 🙂


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new blog address!

Please update your Google readers, bookmarks, blogrolls, or anything else you might use to access my blog:  I’ve moved to my own domain!

See you there!

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After ten days of beachside vacationing and a fully packed weekend in Boston, I have had some wonderful experiences away from home.  Now, however, I am more than ready to get back to normal.

Throughout the past couple weeks, I have eaten a great host of delicious food.  I’ve had a glass of wine nearly daily, which I don’t mind a bit.  I’ve gotten lots of fresh New England air.  I’ve hugged and laughed with my family and my best friend.  I’ve made new friends in Boston.  My summer is coming to a perfectly lovely close.

It’s time now for some comfort and some routine, some home cooking and farmer’s market foods.  I cannot wait to fill my week with my favorite “ordinary” things…

oats and coffee

Stovetop oats covered in almond butter.  I was going through withdrawal.  This bowl was so good this morning.


Ridiculously-sized salads.

outlet purchases

An opportunity to play with my vacation outlet purchases.

thrifted accessories

New thrifted items.


Avocados!  I am digging into one with a spoon at lunch.

fruit bowl

A stocked and diverse fruit bowl.  I love having options.

barney butter

Almond butter (courtesy of the swag bag!).  Nearly two weeks with no peanut or almond butter – far too long!

battery park

Some New York.

How do you get back to normal?


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a quick summit recap.

This weekend has been quite the whirlwind, and I am thrilled that I decided to go for it and attend the Healthy Living Summit.  It was wonderful to feel a part of a community of health-minded women not just over the internet, but face to face.  Thanks for inspiring me to blog, girls.

Saturday was filled with many informative speakers who covered a wide array of topics, from a stirring speech on organic farming to details about eco-friendly beauty.  The summit committee shared a great deal of behind the scenes blog info, as well as much of their own experiences with health, fitness, and fitting it all in.  I have much to share about what I learned and was moved by, and I’ll post my thoughts in more depth over the coming week.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, a photo recap of the fun…

I was lucky to room with two beautiful bloggers, Chandra and Rose:


And we ended up with wonderful Wisconsin “suitemates,” Melissa and Renee.  I think we coined ourselves the fab five?  It was a good time.


We began and ended the weekend by displaying a healthy balance:


The summit began with a cocktail party, where I caught the tweeting bug with Meghan:


And laughed with many bloggers like Whit:


We were provided with a breakfast of perfection, courtesy of Stonyfield and MixMyGranola:


And I created an equally delicious lunch from the healthy buffet:


We even got an afternoon snack (not to mention an amazing amount of swag, part of which got my grumbling stomach through the morning):


I saw food bloggers in action:


And visited a Boston essential:


I enjoyed the summit speakers very much, but I truly loved getting to know the other bloggers in person.


Thanks to Caitlin, Heather, Jenna, Kath, Meghann, and Tina for organizing such a successful event, and thanks to all the other bloggers (and readers!) for welcoming a newbie like me.  I had a fantastic weekend!


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beautiful place by the sea.

Though I have an undying lust for travel and the newness of foreign lands, vacationing in Maine remains an exception to that rule.  The perfect timelessness and the way so little changes year after year, save for our ages creeping upwards, make this town the only place I need to be to complete any summer.

Returning each year, I am forever soothed by the unchanging town and traditions:

fisherman on beach

The beach is still stunning.

water temperature

The water is still freezing.


Local Maine blueberries are still wonderfully sweet.

leavitt theater

The movie theater still plays one film an evening, selling tickets in an old-fashioned outdoor booth.


Produce is still abundant, vacation or not.


The river bridge still allows boats to pass through with the use of a simple, hand-operated system.

arrows 1

The restaurants are still divine.

ogunquit beach

The beauty is still magical.

What is timeless in your summer?


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food and memory.

Roughly translated from the Abenaki language, Ogunquit, our vacation home, means “beautiful place by the sea.”  I can think of no description more apt for the charm of the village, where a river meets the ocean and carves a repeatedly breathtaking coast.

ogunquit river

Summer has long felt most appropriate for me in New England.  Perhaps it is a result of my Connecticut upbringing; perhaps because of the two weeks we spent here in Maine each August.  When I smell ocean breeze and freshly caught fish, they seem to complement the region’s cottages, pure white fences, and open shutters more perfectly than any other setting. 

harbor candy shop window

This town was the first place where I began to enjoy the freedom that comes with maturity and age.  Confident that the streets were quaint and safe, my parents would let my sister and I wander on our own: first to the top of the hill by our hotel to reach a gumball machine, later to the center of town to visit the artisan candy shop, where windows on the back walls allow glimpses of ageless candymakers hard at work, sifting sugar and rolling thick mounds of chocolate.  

bread and roses

As we grew older, candy became less alluring.  Coffee made its introduction to my life, and seemingly in tandem, Native Grounds opened its doors next to the local ice cream parlor.  A few paces down the brick walkway, where the local bakery displayed head-sized cookies in its window, I often chose a piece or two of sugar coated, doughy cinnamon bread to accompany my caffeinated cup.

latest scoop

As years went by, we lounged for a lighter meal on an outdoor patio that became property of Fancy That, a sandwich shop whose owner took over the coffee and ice cream businesses as well.  And while the sandwiches may have decreased in size over the years, the enchanting character of the town’s center remains the same.  Plus, they’re still liberal with the avocado.

fancy that patio

Ogunquit has been with me since I was just a few months old.  Capping off each year, it provides me the comfort of the familiar, a sensation all too uncommon in the rapidly shifting blocks of New York.  I need that balance, that ability to return to a place free from time and transformations.  I have that here.

Where is your summer paradise?


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packing for eating.

As with any occasion in my family, food is a fundamental part of our vacations.  While the days always include plenty of sunbathing, card playing, and coastal strolling, the evenings hold an equal amount of dining.

Being that our dinners out are anything but a practice in moderation, meals in the early part of the day don’t receive much emphasis, aside from the requisite Maine blueberry pancakes.  My dad, in spite of years of nagging, doesn’t eat breakfast and is satisfied by a small lunch.

But, barely eating all day doesn’t work for this girl.  I need breakfast, I need lunch, I need snacks.   I become rather irritable otherwise, and well, no one wants to be cranky on the beach.

So, while managing to fit too many clothes and shoes into a suitcase, I’ve also packed some food essentials.


Breakfasts for the week: homemade muesli mixes, consisting of various combinations of oats, dried fruit, nuts, and cinnamon.  Mixed overnight with almond milk and yogurt, then rehydrated with more milk and a banana in the morning, it’s the perfect warm-weather breakfast – and the lack of AM prep makes it friendly for sharing a room with my sister, who is far less of a morning person than I.


Snack food, including new Larabars, spotted finally at the Union Square Whole Foods.


A few of the many sandwich and salad fixings, courtesy of my mother’s grocery shopping.

fake avocado

One of my mom’s grocery purchases that I’d have to be paid copious amounts to touch: it may appear to be a Florida avocado, but it is in fact a dreaded “slimcado” – the low fat avocado.  Last time I checked, I wanted all the fat those green guys could give me.  Remember the healthy hair?

wine and port

Perhaps not a crucial part of packing, but wine is still an essential, particularly on vacation.

We can always visit the local grocery shop should this stash deplete too quickly, but I find coming prepared to always be a good idea.

Do you bring along food on vacation?


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