the whole plate



In my family, food has always been a prime form of entertainment.  My mom prepares gourmet feasts for family occasions; my dad treats us to exquisite 3 hour long restaurant meals.  My aunt’s desserts have a place of fame, and I experiment in my kitchen on a nightly basis.  Obviously, I’ve been raised to believe that food is one of the great pleasures in life.


Nonetheless, as a kid I was more than a little picky, and when I left for college, I ate exactly zero fruits and three vegetables.  Suddenly though, I found myself in the foodie capital of the world, and I soon became a more adventurous eater than most people I knew.  Good food became important, but at the same time, health was furthest from my mind.

Since graduating, I have slowly but surely transformed my life and outlook on nutrition.  Though my relationship to food and fitness has been rocky at times, I have finally found myself in a place where I treasure my food-loving upbringing.  I will always enjoy being “adventurous,” and if a food is new to me, I will undoubtedly try it.



So what is the whole plate?  For me, it means enjoying foods that are as whole and natural as possible – fresh, unrefined, chemical-free.  It also means balance – I love in season produce, but I also love chocolate, coffee, and wine.  And it means maintaining a healthy view of myself, in both mind and body.  I like my plate to be full, but never perfect.  That philosophy has helped me live more happily than ever before.

I hope to share some of the passion and inspiration whole foods and a healthy lifestyle have brought to me.  Thanks for reading!


One response to “the whole plate

  1. Theresa Lovallo

    I work with your Dad and he showed me your website. I sent you another email today from work. I’m a very healthy eater myself so I appreciate your input and I eat many similar foods as yourself. I exercise every day and keep myself disciplined. Just started working out again with a personal trainer which helps me not only staying focused but concentrates on essential exercises for my body type. Lots of luck with your writing, recipes, and this website. I’ll share it with my friends and will continue to read it on a regular basis. You’re a very talented young lady and I know your Mom is an excellent cook, as I have some of her recipes. I love to cook (especially bake) also!! Have a great weekend.

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