After ten days of beachside vacationing and a fully packed weekend in Boston, I have had some wonderful experiences away from home.  Now, however, I am more than ready to get back to normal.

Throughout the past couple weeks, I have eaten a great host of delicious food.  I’ve had a glass of wine nearly daily, which I don’t mind a bit.  I’ve gotten lots of fresh New England air.  I’ve hugged and laughed with my family and my best friend.  I’ve made new friends in Boston.  My summer is coming to a perfectly lovely close.

It’s time now for some comfort and some routine, some home cooking and farmer’s market foods.  I cannot wait to fill my week with my favorite “ordinary” things…

oats and coffee

Stovetop oats covered in almond butter.  I was going through withdrawal.  This bowl was so good this morning.


Ridiculously-sized salads.

outlet purchases

An opportunity to play with my vacation outlet purchases.

thrifted accessories

New thrifted items.


Avocados!  I am digging into one with a spoon at lunch.

fruit bowl

A stocked and diverse fruit bowl.  I love having options.

barney butter

Almond butter (courtesy of the swag bag!).  Nearly two weeks with no peanut or almond butter – far too long!

battery park

Some New York.

How do you get back to normal?



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10 responses to “normalcy.

  1. traveleatlove

    Coming home is SO sweet after being away, even for a great vacation! I COOK! Especially after work trips where every meal is in a restaurant. I absolutely love grocery shopping and being back in my kitchen, chopping, peeling, etc. with some great music on. And probably a little glass of wine 🙂

  2. I am not a huge almond butter fan, I much prefer peanut butter, but that Barney Butter is beyond wonderful.

  3. Ali

    I love the Ferregamo shoes!!!!!! I have yet to try my Barney Butter…so excited! BWT- I loved meeting you this weekend! I will be reading your blog for sure!

  4. Great looking bowl of oats!!!! That is my go-to meal after a hiatus from my normal routine. I also love whipping up eggs and toast.
    To get back to normal I stick with my staple breakfasts and lunches and make sure to force myself to get to the gym or fit in some form of exercise. I love vacations, but it’s always nice to get back to normal.

  5. i love outlet shopping….i miss it so much! such a reminder of my childhood….

  6. after much time away, i love being home in my apartment and just chilling out. cleaning is somewhat therapeutic, too. and reading on my fire escape. oh and embracing new york city is at the top of the list – i love that last photograph!

  7. Cute new tops + accessories 🙂
    For me, ‘getting back to normal’ includes homemade dinner + couch time in front of ‘Family Guy’, ‘The Office’ or other funny tv programs with the boyfriend 🙂 Neither of us can sit still for very long, but it’s fun to decompress and laugh together.

  8. Your new clothes and well loved purchases look very chic. As other readers have said, you have classic and classy style.

    One thing that is disappointing about living abroad is that I can’t wear many accessories (at least in South America) because it draws more attention to myself. (Hmmm–maybe I should take pictures of my jewelry finds. Thanks for the idea!)

    After a long trip away, I agree with traveleatlove–I like to cook a fresh meal with a glass of wine. Definitely listen to some Chet Baker or Stan Getz to unwind. Eating out loses its romance after two days and then I want some freshly made food without the butter and oil.

  9. As much as vacations are fun, I have to admit that I function better when I’m back to normal routine. All the pictures represent fab ‘ordinary’ things. The thrifted belts and watch are beautiful!

    For me, getting back to normal means eating my staple foods, following my personal sked, and just lazing around my pad – absorbing the familiarity of it all.

  10. lowandbhold

    Looks like the perfect way to get back to normal. I feel like my “normal” has been altered a bit lately because I’m always preparing for the next trip. But as long as I have my green monster in the morning, all is right with the world!

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