home cookin’.

Happy Monday evening, everyone!

I’ve unexpectedly ended up staying in Connecticut for a couple nights, so tonight I took advantage of my mom’s home cooking.  

I can attribute my enjoyment of kitchen creations to my mom, whose cooking expertise and adoration seem to have skipped over my sister and been passed straight to me.  We differ, however, in one major capacity:  I am unable to adhere to a recipe, and my mom swears by her cookbooks.

She has often called herself an adept recipe follower, rather than a cook – personally, I think she doesn’t give herself enough credit.  Her thirtysomething years in the kitchen allow her to doctor up recipes quite well.


The recipe she followed tonight was for a white “gazpacho” – which seemed oddly titled considering tomatoes were nowhere to be found in the ingredients list.  According to the Boston Globe article where she discovered it, gazpacho can be the name of a chilled vegetable soup that does without tomatoes altogether.  Who knew?

white gazpacho

Unfortunately we all agreed that though the soup was photogenic, it was as bland as its color.  

Along with the light soup, my mom sautéed a slew of vegetables, along with pinto beans, cumin, and chili powder.  I served mine over baby spinach, alongside local roadside corn.


The farmer who sold my mom the corn had grumbled that the vegetables this season are somewhat water-y due to the absurd amount of rain we’ve had.  He was right – the corn was disappointing, and I so look forward to corn on the cob this time of year.


On the plus side – it was a visually pleasing meal, a fresh and home-cooked one, and it was eaten alongside my lovely parents.  Not every meal can be five stars.

Are you a recipe-follower or a more creative cook?



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6 responses to “home cookin’.

  1. That is a gorgeous meal! Sorry it was not as tasty as it looks. 🙂

  2. I’m definitely a creative cook. I just throw things together and hope they work. But I also follow recipes.

  3. aw too bad the soup looked so pretty! i definitely veer off in my own direction, but when i cook for others i follow recipes. i don’t want to blame myself for the bad stuff!

  4. That is indeed a beautiful meal! Love the plate!
    Awww, I can never follow a recipe and thankfully I cook for myself only. 😛 Even when I bake stuff for sharing, I still won’t follow a recipe. Bad, I know. 🙂

  5. lowandbhold

    Sorry about the corn! There’s nothing better than fresh corn.

  6. Wow, that dinner looked fabu! I love all those veggies sauteed with the pinto beans and corn on the cob. I’m so sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet at the Summit. You seem like an interesting person! Maybe next year 🙂

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