diner dining.

We had one final mission before leaving Maine today: blueberry pancakes.

After one last walk on the beach, one last round of family golf, and two cars stuffed to their brims, we set out for the ultimate pancake destination: the Maine Diner.

maine diner

It may appear a token roadside diner, but looks are not everything.  The wait for a table is always long, as diners in-the-know practice patience for the best blueberry pancakes in, well, the world.  Seriously.

As a farewell to Maine meal, my mom and I split a short stack of pancakes, a veggie omelet, and a fruit salad.  The eggs and fruit were good, but really, nothing compares to these pancakes.  Moist, doughy, thick, and overflowing with juicy blue.  

maine diner meal

You might notice the maple syrup spilled behind my plate.  Sometimes we are clumsy.  Although, with the amount of plate-passing my family does, it’s surprising we don’t spill more often.

Now, I’ve said goodbye to Ogunquit for another year, and I am spending the evening at a friend’s, midway between Maine and Boston.  My dad booked our reservations for next summer, and in the meantime, I can’t wait to meet some fabulous bloggers at the summit tomorrow!

What are the best pancakes you’ve ever had?



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5 responses to “diner dining.

  1. cafecouture

    Seriously those look SO good Leslie! I love blueberry pancakes. Epitome of the ultimate breakfast food. I think I’ve only had them once in my life though…such a shame.

    Glad your trip ended sweetly. And enjoy Boston and the summit ❤

  2. Pancakes are the best for any meal.

    I’m so happy that you’re going to the Summit. I can live vicariously through your attendance. Have a terrific time. 😀

  3. The best pancakes I ever had were actually at this Italian restaurant for brunch! They were thin and so yummy. I adore blueberry pancakes at diners! And I bet they were amazing in Maine!

  4. lowandbhold

    I can’t really recall the best pancakes I’ve ever had, so I guess that means I haven’t had them yet?

    Those look amazing!

  5. Yum! I love blueberry pancakes. My fav pancake spot has good pancakes but it’s the syrup that is really special.

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