vacation and movement.

Just as I enjoy leading a relatively active lifestyle, I also appreciate a bit of activity on vacation.  This has never meant spending my mornings in a hotel gym or cranking out pushups on my hotel room floor.  It does, however, mean picking up my feet and breathing in some fresh air.  In the past, I woke up to sunny runs along the beach.  This year, I appreciated the simplicity of a walk.

I began many mornings with walks on the beach…

ogunquit beach

Or along the rocky coast…

marginal way

My family walked to dinner…

shore road

And to reach entertainment…

ogunquit playhouse

We walked on the golf course…

merriland farms

We walked to the beach…


In the sun…

perkins cove bridge

Blanketed by fog…

ogunquit river fog

And just to appreciate the view.

perkins cove

I love walking.  Accompanied by some time on my yoga mat (have I mentioned I held crow for the first time this week?), it is all the movement I need.

How do you move on vacation?



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6 responses to “vacation and movement.

  1. Beautiful scenery, but crow? You go girl!

  2. A

    Looks like you got A LOT of walking in!!!! I’m leaving tomorrow for vay-cay. I hope I can see some gorgeous views like the ones you have shared while you’ve been gone. 🙂

  3. great pix! i spend A LOT of time walking on vacation and am always looking for cute walking shoes.

  4. My family’s philosophy has always been that if your feet aren’t in constant pain by the end of a vacation day, you obviously haven’t done enough

  5. lowandbhold

    I love walking on vacation. It gives you time to really appreciate what your seeing. Your photos always just blow me away.

  6. I’m with you! I walk everywhere on vacation!!! It feels so good, and it’s the best way to explore your surroundings. The pictures are gorgeous.

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