the lobster pound.

Over the years, my parents have taught me a great deal about food.  One lesson I have come to truly respect is the importance of local food, not only because of its greener quality, but also due to the increased strength and depth in flavor.  It’s the explanation for why my father won’t touch a bialy or a deli sandwich outside of New York, the reason I couldn’t taste hummus for a good three months after returning from Israel, and the rationale behind our refusal to eat lobster anywhere but in Maine.

The Ogunquit Lobster Pound, our dining destination yesterday evening, is no fancy locale.  Atmosphere is nonexistant and unimportant; we don’t even bother to read the menu.  There is only one reason to attend:  the freshest lobster in town.

How fresh?  


That fresh.

Just outside the front door, diners select the lobster they’d like.  It is then fished out and weighed, and well, carried to its doom.  Apologies to the vegetarians who are reading.

weighing the lobsters

Servers bring supplies to the table:

lobster tools

Some diners need a bib:

dad with bib

Some just enjoy playing with theirs:

ally with bib

Two sides are selected and presented:


Finally, the main course arrives, boiled to perfection, needing no seasoning, no sauce, no added flavor.  The sweetest fish, worth the year-long wait:


Two nights ago we were relishing a refined meal at Arrows.  This night, our hands were dirty and we played with our food:

leslie with lobster claw

Balance, right?


Do you have a favorite locally-sourced food?



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9 responses to “the lobster pound.

  1. Amy

    Leslie you look so pretty! I love you. Can’t say it enough.

    Fresh seafood is the best. Definitely. But I’ve never had a lobster, shrimp, scallop (i know you love them!), crab, or crustacean of any sort. Only fish!

  2. i’m trying to teach my folks about the importance of locally sourced foods….hard to teach an old dog new tricks!!! great that your folks know about this.

  3. I definitely think it’s important to buy locally. My parents have taught me all I ever needed to know about food too!!

  4. You and your family are lovely!
    I try to buy most of my produce locally. Today, I got eggs from a neighborhood stall. The fresh eggs were used in the baked goodies to be given as presents to my former teachers.

  5. I want one of those bibs!

  6. You have the prettiest skin, Leslie. What is your beauty secret?

    When we lived in Santiago, Chile, we were able to eat the best avocados that I have ever tasted (in the summer). In the U.S., avocados would often make me sick from their richness, but I never had that problem down south. I wonder if it was the freshness?

    I’m glad that you have enjoyed a beautiful vacation with your family. You all seem like such connoisseurs of food and wine.

    • You may just be my new best friend for this comment! I’ve actually struggled with my skin my whole life – I think the camera is kind. 🙂 But drinking plenty of water, eating lots of greens and healthy fats, and washing and moisturizing twice a day have certainly helped!

  7. lowandbhold

    I’ve never been a huge fan of lobster, but I have to imagine that would be the best you can get!

  8. I’m a big proponent of locally sourced food. Just did my week’s groceries at the farmer’s market. Very thankful that they now have meats as well, grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens.

    Glad you enjoyed the lobster – I personally think the best way to enjoy it is outdoors. The fresh air adds a little something to the flavour.

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