balancing it out.

While it may seem that my family eats nothing but gourmet meals, we do know when to take a break.  Last night was one of those evenings; with three three- course meals behind us, it was time for a less intense dining experience.  

We strolled over to the local sandwich shop, Fancy That, and brought our paper plates onto the outdoor patio.  The weather was unusually warm for Maine, so we were able to enjoy our meal al fresco in the sun, people-watching the other vacationers strolling through the town’s center.

In its heyday, Fancy That was unmatched in sandwich creativity.  The bread was thick and grainy, the fillings diverse and bountiful.  The counter service was slow and confusing, all part of the shop’s charm.  More importantly, avocado could be added to any sandwich.

Time has passed, however, and the crowded sandwich shop moved across the street, merging with an ice cream parlor, espresso bar, and village grocer.  Things have changed, bit by bit, and this year, avocado was completely absent from the menu.  A cardinal sin:  when I requested it, I was informed that avocado no longer exists on the premises.  [First the slimcado, now this!  I can’t win.  Good thing I haven’t exactly been deprived of good food lately.]

The food is nevertheless still tasty – though the menu has certainly shrunk along with the sandwich sizes.  I was ravenous upon ordering, so, um, the camera missed the first few bites:

fancy that

I chose the Mediterranean wrap, except I changed it to a sandwich on three seed bread.  Hummus, mixed greens, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and olives, alongside a large garden salad.  Ideal patio dining fare, particularly when followed by a viewing of the latest Woody Allen movie at the local one-room cinema (loved it, by the way).  Please, can vacation never end?


What’s your go-to post-indulgence meal?



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6 responses to “balancing it out.

  1. definitely want to see the new woody flick! glad to hear it’s worth my twelve bucks. my favorite simple meal after an excess of gourmet foods is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. doesn’t get any better than that! hummus sandwich is an old favorite, too — had one from amy’s bread the other day. so good!

  2. Amy

    Ah, not the slimcado! I hate that bastard of a cousin to the Avocado. Glad you still had a tasty meal. Sounds like a cute place, too.

  3. Same here, I’d go for a light sandwich to even out indulgent meals.
    The corn trio from your previous post looks exquisite. 😀

  4. After indulgent meals, I look to lighter fare like big spinach salads with canned salmon or tuna and loads of veggies. That Arrow Restaurant looks incredible! Reminds me of a place in Milwaukee that sadly closed its doors.
    I agree with you about the avocado outrage… I like this veggie sandwich at Jimmy John’s but they use an “avocado spread” that’s not at all like the real thing! Yuck.

  5. i loved the new woody allen flick too!

  6. I don’t have a certain meal that I go to after an indulgent trip or weekend. However–I usually just try to eat “extra” healthy for 3 whole days and I feel so much better and less bloated. I do this by cutting out baked goods, and eating more fruits and veggies.

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