beautiful place by the sea.

Though I have an undying lust for travel and the newness of foreign lands, vacationing in Maine remains an exception to that rule.  The perfect timelessness and the way so little changes year after year, save for our ages creeping upwards, make this town the only place I need to be to complete any summer.

Returning each year, I am forever soothed by the unchanging town and traditions:

fisherman on beach

The beach is still stunning.

water temperature

The water is still freezing.


Local Maine blueberries are still wonderfully sweet.

leavitt theater

The movie theater still plays one film an evening, selling tickets in an old-fashioned outdoor booth.


Produce is still abundant, vacation or not.


The river bridge still allows boats to pass through with the use of a simple, hand-operated system.

arrows 1

The restaurants are still divine.

ogunquit beach

The beauty is still magical.

What is timeless in your summer?



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9 responses to “beautiful place by the sea.

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. I must say that the lake is the most timeless part of my summer. I just love relaxing on the dock with a good book. It never changes.

  2. Amy

    This post is so beautiful. I love the blueberry photo! Obviously–my favorite fruit. I’m so happy you have such a nostalgic, timeless place to nestle your summer memories into. Beautiful ❤

  3. Kelsey

    love this post!! so simple yet stunning

  4. That last photo is AMAZING! Can I go?!

  5. A

    Beautiful post!!!! I was captivated this weekend on a drive to my house. The sun was setting, the moutains in the distance were gorgous and the sun was beating down. I actually posted a (yucky cell phone) picture on my blog today. Didn’t do it justice but I know you’ll appreciate the mind set I was in!!! 🙂

  6. thanks for sharing that – i went to and worked at summer camp in maine for years and definitely miss the beaches and the blueberries!!!

  7. That old fashioned movie ticket booth is just lovely! While the most posh things are great as well, there is no denying the charm of old fashioned items.

  8. Oh man, I want all of those blueberries!! All of your pictures are gorgeous!

  9. I love the beach photos, makes me want to be there 🙂

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