Several years ago, a cocktail and appetizer lounge opened on Ogunquit’s main thoroughfare, Shore Road.  Not yet twenty one, but nonetheless always attracted to city-style trendy atmospheres, my curiosity was piqued while I waited to turn the requisite age.  By the time legality arrived, Five-O had become a full service restaurant, and after our meal last night, my family all agreed that it has risen year after year in cuisine quality.  Its food is right at the top with our other Ogunquit favorites.

After perusing the menu for a decidedly normal amount of time (we had theater plans following dinner, so thirty minutes of menu debate was impractical), we were presented with a tasting plate from the chef.

five-o 1

Roasted red pepper hummus, a variety of crackers, and a roasted garlic and olive medley.  Most definitely my kind of food.

My dad and I shared a half bottle of Talisman pinot noir (we are obsessed with pinot noir, if you haven’t yet realized).  This has been my favorite wine of the vacation so far.

talisman pinot noir

I started the meal with an appetizer that could have been titled with my name:

five-o 2

Identified as a crab cocktail, this plate of deliciousness was chilled crab, creamy avocado, mango puree, and just a bit of hot spice.  I really believe mango and avocado were meant to be together.

five-o 3

My entree was simple: seared halibut over a mixed greens and avocado salad.  Perhaps the excessive use of avocado on the menu attributed to my love of this meal.  Or, it could’ve been dessert:

five-o 4

Baked chocolate pudding, with a molten chocolate core and a scoop of chili-spiced chocolate ice cream.  When I reached the center, it just oozed with rich chocolate.  Pure heaven.  

There were several points during the meal where we discussed what my mom might do if one of us licked the plate.  Because that concept was very, very enticing.

Ever been tempted to lick a restaurant plate?



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9 responses to “five-o.

  1. when i was tuscany i think i licked the plate every single meal, without shame. the italians thought i looked funny but i think they were flattered, right?

  2. So many times I’ve wanted to!!! I mostly just keep scrapping my plate till its just about as clean as if I were to lick it. mm mm mmm.

  3. HA YES I have been tempted to lick the plate–lots of times. Most of the time it revolves around some sort of warm dessert. Like bread pudding, molten chocolate cake, cobbler a la mode, warm cookie with ice cream….yum. Whew–I want to even lick my computer screen from typing all of that goodness. 🙂

  4. Amy

    Amazing meal! Each plate is certainly my taste when it comes to a dinner out. Love all of the avocado and fresh seafood. And dessert–I’m speechless. Spiced chocolate is so exotic and delicious.

    Glad you enjoyed it all, Leslie!

  5. I don’t hold myself. If I wanna lick a plate, I do. Haha! And with a plate like that with crab, creamy avocado, mango puree, I sure will!

  6. That pudding looks incredible! I’ve managed not to lick plates at restaurants…but I have no shame at home!

  7. this entire meal looks incredibly delicious and fresh. and as always i am totally impressed with your photography skills! seems like vacation is going well! 🙂

  8. I’ve been tempted to do so but have held myself back. But with this meal, I think I’d have a hard time resisting the temptation to lick all plates!
    That red pepper hummus looks divine.

  9. I’ve definitely licked restaurant plates clean! 🙂

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