packing for eating.

As with any occasion in my family, food is a fundamental part of our vacations.  While the days always include plenty of sunbathing, card playing, and coastal strolling, the evenings hold an equal amount of dining.

Being that our dinners out are anything but a practice in moderation, meals in the early part of the day don’t receive much emphasis, aside from the requisite Maine blueberry pancakes.  My dad, in spite of years of nagging, doesn’t eat breakfast and is satisfied by a small lunch.

But, barely eating all day doesn’t work for this girl.  I need breakfast, I need lunch, I need snacks.   I become rather irritable otherwise, and well, no one wants to be cranky on the beach.

So, while managing to fit too many clothes and shoes into a suitcase, I’ve also packed some food essentials.


Breakfasts for the week: homemade muesli mixes, consisting of various combinations of oats, dried fruit, nuts, and cinnamon.  Mixed overnight with almond milk and yogurt, then rehydrated with more milk and a banana in the morning, it’s the perfect warm-weather breakfast – and the lack of AM prep makes it friendly for sharing a room with my sister, who is far less of a morning person than I.


Snack food, including new Larabars, spotted finally at the Union Square Whole Foods.


A few of the many sandwich and salad fixings, courtesy of my mother’s grocery shopping.

fake avocado

One of my mom’s grocery purchases that I’d have to be paid copious amounts to touch: it may appear to be a Florida avocado, but it is in fact a dreaded “slimcado” – the low fat avocado.  Last time I checked, I wanted all the fat those green guys could give me.  Remember the healthy hair?

wine and port

Perhaps not a crucial part of packing, but wine is still an essential, particularly on vacation.

We can always visit the local grocery shop should this stash deplete too quickly, but I find coming prepared to always be a good idea.

Do you bring along food on vacation?



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12 responses to “packing for eating.

  1. All your eats look wonderful! Have a great vacay. And yes, I do pack food as well. I don’t want to run out and gasp! have to eat something processed.

  2. EWWW Slimcado!!! You would have to pay me thousands to eat that thing!

  3. Oh yes, with all of my food allergies, I HAVE to bring food with me for the rides there and back, haha 😀

  4. foodnfit

    Wow great job packing your food, that’s awesome! Hope you have a great vaca!

  5. I bring bars for snacking. I am obsessed with eating out so I don’t usually bring food for major meals.

  6. lowandbhold

    I didn’t used to pack for vacation, but since my eating habits have changed now I definitely have to! Everything you packed looks great!

  7. Smart thinking bringing all those healthy food on the go. That’s the first time I’ve seen or heard of a “slimcado”! Oh dear, what’s next – sugar free fruits?

  8. I ALWAYS bring along food for meals and snacks when I go on vacation. Like you, I need my daily fuel and can’t go more than a few hours without some sort of healthy fix. Sounds like you did a great job packing a variety of yummy goods for the trip!


  9. I used to bring food along in my vacation, but then I was to the extreme end, sticking ONLY to my food and refusing to eat with others, ruining the whole mood. Now I actively DON’T bring food along with me, but then once I’m okay with it I think it’s a great idea to stock up a bit. saves some cash, too!

  10. There is something just fundamentally wrong with a low fat avocado…

    Anyway, this cracked me up because I basically have a bag of snacks and a bag of clothes when I travel. Part of it is that I hate spending extra money on food I don’t really want, but mostly it’s because I’m picky and can’t be without emergency rations 🙂

    I would love to go to the beach with you, if only to use you for your thoughtful picnic necessities!

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