gyspy sweethearts.

My evening was just concluded by lazing in a gazebo, overlooking the Atlantic and breathing in the salty breeze.  I’m in paradise, honestly.

The food isn’t too bad either.

As my sister isn’t joining us in Maine until Friday, we’ve decided to save our favorite restaurants for a bit later in the vacation. Tonight we chose one we hadn’t visited in several years: Gypsy Sweethearts, or as I disaffectionately used to call it, “The No Chocolate Milk Place” (said with sad eyes and a frown).

Throughout my difficult, picky-eating childhood phase, I judged restaurants on two elements: the quality of their pasta with melted butter and the strength of their chocolate milk. Butter that was cold?  Thumbs down. Skimping on the chocolate milk?  Not a good sign.   No chocolate milk?  Well, those were grounds for disaster.

Gypsy Sweethearts was one such disastrous restaurant.  However, since my palate has expanded just a bit, it seemed a good choice to begin our week of dining.

Of course, we opened the meal with wine:

bruno pinot noir

This was Bruno pinot noir, and I found it just ok; strong but not spicy, nothing particularly overwhelming. That would actually be a good way to describe the meal itself – good, but not tremendous in excitement.

I started with a baby spinach, pumpkin seed, and manchego salad, and I was a failing food blogger and forgot to snap a photo before digging in:

spinach salad

My mom and I decided to share two entrees, as we were both struggling to choose between them.


Sea scallops in a citrus vinaigrette, over field greens, with a side of lusciously sweet yams.


And grilled portobello mushrooms, with Swiss chard, roasted peppers, polenta, and shaved parmesan.

The dessert menu didn’t particularly engage any of us, so we skipped it in favor of this:


Ice cream, Maine, and vacation are basically synonymous to me.  

This was a whole bunch of strawberry banana ice cream, and I cleaned the bowl.  I really don’t believe that moderation and vacation belong in the same sentence.

What about you? Do you keep yourself in check on vacation?



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7 responses to “gyspy sweethearts.

  1. I adore Maine. I think it’s the prettiest state I’ve ever been to. I try to stay healthy on vacation but I definitely splurge a little bit!

  2. I was a chocolate milk fanatic too as a child. I would be now, but I don’t let myself buy Quik. 🙂

    I don’t have a very good will about dieting. When I go on vacation, any attempts at prudence go out the window. Actually, I can honestly say that I work out just so I can eat what I want. I know that’s awful. Since I’m a veggie it’s usually healthy.

  3. one of my vacation rules that i always stick to:

    ice cream for dessert, every day.

    enjoy maine!

  4. When I’m on holiday I usually eat healthily throughout the day and then maybe splurge a little on the evening meal. Well why not!

  5. I love ‘no chocolate milk place’. Funny how we judge resturants as a child. And the ice cream? Divine.

  6. annaalstondonnelly

    Love discouraging moderation on vacay. It’s for chumps. Your dinner looks mah-velous. So glad you are having a fun time!

  7. lowandbhold

    The sweet potato side looks SO good!

    When I’m on family vacations, no way do I check myself. When else is there access to so much food and drink?!

    But when I travel alone, I tend to be much more in control, haha.

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