carroty cake.

I can clearly remember the first occasion on which I was introduced to carrot cake.

It was a family gathering in our old, ranch style home.  I was six years old, wearing my favorite dress: a black, pink, and teal number with voluminously ruffled short sleeves and a full skirt, ideal for twirling.  I sat next to my mother, whose seat was at the head of our dining room table.  After a meal throughout which I no doubt subsisted on challah and chocolate milk, my mom strolled in with dessert in her hands.

carrot cake oatbrancarrot cake oat bran [oat bran, soy milk, banana, dates, shredded carrot, pecans, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg]

The cake was rectangular and visibly moist.  Its color was a rich brown, somewhere between a coffee and a chocolate.  My six year old brain was perplexed:  dessert only meant chocolate, and while this appeared to resemble a chocolatey cake, something seemed a bit off.  I posed the question to my mother and was greeted with the reply, “It’s a carrot cake.”

carrot cake toastsweet carrot-y toast [goat cheese, cinnamon, shredded carrot, dates, unsweetened coconut]

A carrot what?  Carrot?  And cake?  What and why!?

carrot cake mueslicarrot cake muesli [oats, shredded carrot, raisins, pecans, walnuts, cinnamon, ginger, unsweetened coconut]

Times have changed.  Carrot cake now contains many of my favorite flavors, and the vegetable ingredient is just a bonus.  Of course, I’ve also learned that just because something includes vegetables, it might not be healthy.

carrot pilafspiced carrot pilaf [bulgur, carrot juice, raisins, fresh ginger, allspice]

Thankfully, there are many alternative preparations for every day enjoyment.  And on occasion, a slice of real carrot cake, thick with cream cheese frosting and dusted with a touch of coconut is certainly healthy – for the soul.

Have you grown to love a dessert you previously disliked?



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20 responses to “carroty cake.

  1. I love your various carrot-cake-inspired dishes here, especially the first one.

    I used to hate apple pie as a child. Sometimes, I just can’t believe that.

  2. A

    I am loving the bulgur carrot concoction!!!! I wonder if it would work with quinoa…. Hmmmm…. I was never a huge candy lover as a kid. For valentines day my Dad use to give my sister and me Valentines baskets. Sissy’s would have all kinds of chocolate and sweet tarts and I would get cheese and crackers!!! Mmmmm! I’ve since started liking good quality chocolate but I still pass on the cheep stuff. 🙂

  3. GIRL! I AM SALIVATING right now and emailed this post to 5 of my friends. Seriously consider ONE of these recipes for my Me Meal cookbook and email me the recipe and photo…these rock!

  4. Wow, all those carrot cake concoctions look seriously fantastic. I think I will try out that carrot cake oat bran. Except I eat oatmeal. So it will be oatmeal.

  5. Seriously salivating right now. Honestly, these are some of the most yummy carrots I’ve seen. You should TOTALLY enter them in the Me Meal Special K Challenge and Giveaway…go to my website and email me a recipe and a photo.

  6. Hmm—I used to hate coconut but now I love it! I wouldn’t even eat coconut cake or coconut cream pie when I was younger…but now I love indulging in those treats.

  7. lowandbhold

    Wow! All those variations look terrific! I love carrot cake! I think I’ve always loved any dessert. I don’t really care for chocolate cake though, is that weird?

  8. love the deviations from carrot cake!

    believe it or not, i have hated chocolate my whole life until recently. had some flourless chocolate cake at a restaurant a couple months back and couldn’t believe what i was missing out on!

  9. How did you mix the oats for the carrot cake muesli? With yogurt or milk/water?

    • Maya,

      I mix everything with half milk and half yogurt the night before, then add more milk in the morning. It probably totals a half cup of milk and 1/4 c yogurt, I’d guess.

  10. I love all your recipes using carrots 🙂

  11. I love these takes on carrot cake. It´s one of my favorite desserts, esp. with cream cheese frosting.

    Your photo compositions are beautiful, as always.

    I can´t remember a dessert that I didn´t like. 🙂

  12. I don’t really have a dessert memory to add, as I’m just not that big on sweets, but I had to chime in. I LOVED this post. The way you creatively collaborated all the different variations with your personal account was absolutely wonderful to read.

    Seriously. I don’t even like carrot cake and yet you made me want to make something carrot cakey…

  13. traveleatlove

    All of those dishes look delish! But I do love some cream cheese frosting too! 🙂

  14. I like pie a lot now and I never used to!

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  16. Carrot cake is actually the one dessert I used to hate that I now love. I have been requesting it for my birthday the past few years. Last year I made my own vegan one, but this year I am supervising my mother as she bakes it for me. Mmm, carrot cake…

  17. Tra

    yum! i like carrot cake flavors too! i like the carrot cake clif bars..i’m still working on trying to see carrot cake as a moderate indulgence!

  18. I didn’t hate carrot cake before but it wasn’t my idea of dessert. Now, I’m totally in love with it and have baked myself carrot bread whenever I craved it. I think I’ll go grate some carrots just about now. 😀

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