cleaning out the fridge.

In less than 36 hours (not that I’m counting), I’ll be heading up to Maine for 9 beautiful days of beachside vacationing.  I’ll be driving straight from there to the summit, and since I’ll be spending tomorrow evening in Connecticut, I basically needed to empty my refrigerator today.

I used to despise leftovers.  I suppose I wanted every meal to be as exciting as possible, and that meant never eating the same thing twice.  Over time, however, I’ve learned to be a bit more creative with my leftovers, should I find some in my refrigerator.  Sometimes a repeat meal can be even better than the original; on other occasions, a fresh idea can add a bit of a thrill to an old container in the back of the fridge.

Today was one of those days when I needed an inventive concept for my leftover cilantro pesto and pizza cheese.  A friend of mine mentioned she was cooking up some stuffed peppers, and I just happened to have stolen a bright orange pepper from my mother yesterday.  So, I roasted it up, stuffed some lentils inside, and topped each half with the remaining spreads.

stuffed peppers

On the plate alongside sweet potato and string beans.  

I should probably go pack.

Do you enjoy your leftovers as is?  Or do you use them to create something new?



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13 responses to “cleaning out the fridge.

  1. Your vacay sounds fabulous. Nine whole days at the beach? You enjoy yourself, see ya at the summit.

    Oh, and I think you know how I feel about leftovers. Eat them all the time.

  2. Beth

    Love your blog….have been reading all summer 🙂 Am a member of the “illustrious” Salad Club with your Mom at school. She assures me that my 8 year old non-fruit eater will eventually grow out of it (as you did). Am envious of your trip to the summit! Enjoy!

  3. Lovely use of leftovers! I’m the kind of person who can eat the same thing day after day for a while, though when I can I try and mix up the leftovers a bit.

    Have fun in Maine!

  4. I love stuffed peppers and don’t make them often enough. I don’t mind leftovers at all, infact most of the time I make double or triple portions so I can save some for another day.

  5. Mmm your leftovers look delicious! Good luck packing 😀

  6. I’m a big fan of leftovers. Saves me when I don’t have time to cook. But I love your creative use of leftover ingredients. Looked like a delicious meal!

  7. If I am lazy (which is most of the time haha) I just use the leftovers as is. Sometimes I am creative though and play around with them. That is usually more fulfilling and fun!

  8. WWPF would totally work in the Banana Coconut Bars. They’ll probably just be softer. Not a bad thing at all. 🙂

  9. I am not a big fan of leftovers…maybe it’s because it’s just the two of us and I find it much easier to make just enough…and when we do have leftovers, it’s never enough for both of us so most of the time, it goes completely to waste.

    Your pepper looks marvelous, though!

  10. How exciting about the vacation!!! What a fun way to enjoy what’s left of summer.

    Awesome way to use those leftovers!!! Sounds delicious. 🙂


  11. Mia {runs and rests}

    I don’t have much leftovers since I make just enough for a meal. When I cook vegetable curry though, I have to double the amount because leftover curry is the best. Your meal looks fab. Wouldn’t think they were leftovers.
    Have fun on our vacay! Sounds like a lovely one.

  12. Alex

    Stuffed veggies are one of my fave ways to use up fridge bits in an artful, tasty, interesting way.

    Once I had a couple of green peppers, a little bit of cornmeal, some goat cheese, some onion, and some spinach that desperately needed to be eaten so I added an egg and some seasoning to all the ingredients and stuffed them in the peppers, baked for about 40 minutes, and…AMAZING!

    It was one of those very proud kitchen moments when you make something from nothing, with a little creativity 🙂

    I love making over leftovers!

  13. lowandbhold

    I love making leftovers into something new and fresh! Like stuffing them into something or adding more veggies or a new grain. Sometimes though, I liked them so much the first time that I just want them as is the second go round.

    The peppers looked awesome! Great idea

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