slim pickings.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I’m unexpectedly in Connecticut for a couple days to lend a shoulder to my best friend.  I believe there will be some wine and chocolate involved later tonight; those plus some vegetables would certainly comfort me.

When I arrived at my parents’ house, I discovered that they already had dinner plans at a restaurant, so I inquired about the vegetable quantity in their refrigerator.  My mom responded, ” Sorry, Les, we’re out of everything.  I think we might have some carrots.”

Then, I opened the fridge to find this:


Slim pickings, Mom.

With plenty of vegetables, a freezer full of shrimp, and a pantry stocked with spices from countries spanning the globe, I had everything necessary to make a mess of my mother’s beautifully massive kitchen.

mediterranean shrimp medley with quinoa (for two)

  • 12 shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 1 T evoo, divided
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 c eggplant, chopped
  • 1 fresh tomato, chopped
  • 1/2 c artichoke hearts
  • 5 prunes, chopped

Heat 1/2 T oil over medium heat.  Add onion, sauté until soft.  Add garlic, sauté one minute.  Add pepper, eggplant, and prunes; sauté about 5 minutes.  Add tomato and artichoke hearts; sauté a couple more minutes, until everything has caramelized.

Remove vegetables from pan; add remaining oil.  Pan sear shrimp, about 3 minutes per side.

for the quinoa:

  • 1 c water
  • 1/2 c quinoa
  • 1 t oregano
  • 1 t basil
  • 1 t marjoram
  • couple pinches salt

Bring water to boil.  Add quinoa and spices; simmer, covered, 15 minutes.


Served alongside a romaine salad with hot peppers and olive oil.  It’s amazing that I created this out of a kitchen consisting only of carrots.

Since I’m off to offer an ear and some hugs, care to tell me what is comforting to you?



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11 responses to “slim pickings.

  1. Oh what a great friend you are. I hope your best friend feels much better, but I don’t doubt she will with a loving friend like you!
    God is my comfort…He cheers me up like no other.

  2. I just came back from one of my mom’s best friends parties. She lives on a farm and there’s always good music, a lovely ambiance, and great company. Everything feels so laid back. I find the environment very comforting. It’s so nice of you to do that for your friend!

  3. That sounds (and looks!) delicious. Yum shrimp.

    We do have a lot in common, especially traveling a lot and living abroad. I think my next move will be to Europe for a bit — was abroad in the UK in uni and had the best time… But have to do some more nomad stuff before semi-settling down. 🙂

  4. What a selection from the fridge! Love those colors.

    Comforting to me:

    Someone’s hand on my back to reassure me.
    My mom’s voice.
    A bear hug from my dad.
    My husband’s laugh.
    Chocolate chunk cookie.

  5. A friendly voice, reassuring me is very comforting and just the fact of knowing there are people there for you.

    You’re a great friend to lend your shoulder and I hope your friend feels better.

  6. What an awesome recipe! I love all the veggies… YUM!

    Hmm… I’d say just someone to hear me out and not judge me is always a comfort. Simply being there for a friend and sticking with her is sometimes all she needs. Although, renting a few girly movies and giving each other mani/pedis is always fun! 😉


  7. traveleatlove

    I love that shrimp! Yum!
    Having my husband or family around, my bed, and my cats are comforting. I also love getting massages, but that definitely adds up!

  8. meredith

    Oh no. I suggest chocolate and ice cream. Or chocolate ice cream.

  9. brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. 🙂

  10. Cool for you to spend time with a friend in need. Being surrounded by family and friends is comfort for me. Love it when we just hang out doing nothing. Now that I’m away from them, just thinking out those times is comforting enough.
    I hope your best friend is feeling much better now.

  11. A

    Looks GREAT!!!! That meal would certainly comfort me (senza the shrimp).

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