blog it forward.

Food is an important part of my life.  I cook  and create meals multiple times daily.  I browse farmers’ markets and grocery stores for fun.  I enjoy long restaurant meals with my family.  I chat about recipes with my mom over the phone.  I write about it in this blog.

I don’t have the greatest history with food.  Though I was never deprived of a single want growing up, I turned down much of the food placed in front of me, due mostly to lack of interest.  Later on, I began to make the unfortunate association of food with guilt, learning to resent it instead of appreciate it.  

I have had a varied, consistently developing relationship with food, culminating in where I am today.  Now, I have (mostly) made peace with food.  I savor produce in nearly unlimited capacities; I steer away from processed foods whose ingredients I can’t understand.   I am content with the foods I opt to eat and to not eat; I am increasingly confident in defending my choices.  Basically, I enjoy the foods I crave in quantities I desire.

Talk about taking something ridiculously for granted.

Recently, Rose brought to my attention a program entitled, “Blog it Forward to Fight Hunger.”  The initiative is part of ShopRite supermarkets’ Partners in Caring, an organization devoted to fighting hunger in the United States.

The program tell us, “More than 36 million Americans suffer from food insecurity” – a state where “you are unsure when or what your next meal will be.”  That’s eleven percent of the population.  Quite a number of people.

A single dollar can purchase ten pounds of food from a food bank.  Since its conception a decade ago, ShopRite Partners in Caring has donated 20 million dollars to the fight against hunger.  On the flip side, the diet industry rakes in 40 billion dollars in one year alone.  Imagine what could be done with that money if we all threw away the bathroom scale and put those dollars to another use.

I’m a firm believer that change begins with small steps.  The Blog it Forward program has a similar philosophy:

For each of the first 30 comments on this post, ShopRite will donate a box of cereal to a local food bank.  Whether you are a regular commenter, a lurker, or just passing through, please leave a comment!  Tell me if you take food for granted, and perhaps what each of us can do to change that.



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67 responses to “blog it forward.

  1. verbalriot

    Here’s to a box of cereal. I agree, change does begin with small steps.

  2. I love this movement! 1 box of cereal, right here!

  3. fruitsveggieslife

    This is fantastic! Add another box to the movement!

  4. Hey!
    Gotta say I love your blog and your deliciousss looking creations 🙂
    Box of cereal coming up 🙂

  5. A

    Comment comment comment!
    This is a great post! So glad this comment will HELP people! I think I take for granted the fact that I can afford fresh fruits and veggies. It really upsets me that a lot of families can’t. I’m so glad you are doing this! 🙂

  6. umbcinsightsweekly

    I’m glad you got involved with this too! I’m really excited 🙂

  7. A great cause, and happy to know that I can help simply by commenting.

  8. Yes! This organization is fantastic.

    I definitely do take my food availability and variety for granted and I am trying to consciously change that.

  9. lowandbhold

    This is really great! I’m glad our blog community is able to help out.

  10. What an awesome cause!!! Rock on 🙂

  11. You are so awesome! Thank you for doing this. I hope it inspires each of us to be more conscious about what we throw away–when we could take it to our local food bank or shelter.

  12. SarahF

    I’m just passing through but this is a great cause! Good for you for helping others

  13. christina

    As a formerly homeless person, I can say that I do not take food for granted. I am, unfortunately, suspicious of many ‘charities.’
    So I have to ask, what type of cereal will be donated? I know, it’s sounds ungrateful but my point is this; so often people donate items they would never eat, wear or use themselves. Are we nourishing someone or promoting a supermarket chain? If it sounds too good to be true…

  14. i will tell everyone about your post!

  15. Awesome movement. I’ll reblog this, as well.

  16. Pamela

    I just came across your blog maybe last week. What an excellent post for my first comment to you!

  17. This is big! Glad to help in any way I can.

  18. Dad

    Great cause to help those in need. Proud of your thoughts and comments


  19. What an awesome cause! I think we all do a little of our own “food wasting” without even realizing it. This is such a great way to give back! 🙂


  20. Judy

    Remember the canned food drives at school or leave in the mailbox collections? This is even easier…keep writing…keep cooking…I love your blog and you!

  21. Kelsey

    cheers to that!

  22. kelly

    Great cause! Here’s another box of cereal…

  23. Melissa

    This is the first time on your blog and I am very happy that today was such a moving post!!

  24. strivingforbalance

    what a wonderful idea! + 1 cereal 🙂

  25. stacey

    Great idea!

  26. Ariel

    Awesome concept!

  27. angelica

    just passing through and i love this cause.. heres to another box!

  28. Pretty awesome! 🙂

  29. Kristin

    Here’s to another box!

  30. April (Foods of April)

    That is so awesome!! Here’s another comment! 🙂

  31. This is great!!! I’ll comment to help out 🙂 Have a great night!

  32. Hey Leslie! It looks like you made 30, but I still have to show my solidarity. I like your blog. We chose the same WordPress theme.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. (Nice header, btw.)

  33. homecookedem

    This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Love it! Here’s to getting box #2!

  34. earthybrit

    we donate all of our unused or damaged food at work as well as other items, so I hope they go beyond 30 comments and make another box of cereal go to a good home.

  35. littledear2

    What a great cause!

  36. Naji

    this is awesome!

  37. Awesome initiative! Can anyone do this on their blog?
    Thanks for reminding us all of how fortunate we are to have the option of being choosey with our food.
    One love.

  38. yay for paying it forward! as a cereal addict, im happy to comment in order to pass along a box of cereal!


  39. It’s over 30 comments, but bring it on anyway!!!

  40. Jen

    great post.
    unfortuanally, i think i do take food for granted. while i am still working on that….

  41. This is awesome! I’m doing it on my blog on Tuesday so be sure to comment there 🙂

  42. Jessica

    Here is hoping to they donate more then 30!

  43. Tay

    Yay you’ve already made it to 30, but I thought I’d show my support!! 🙂 Great thing you’re doing!

  44. kristina

    great idea!! i never take food for granted!! i love it too much;)

  45. Bring on the cereal!

  46. I see you’ve already passed 30 but just in case… 🙂
    What a fantastic cause!

  47. yay you reached 30 comments 🙂

  48. Kara

    Everybody needs cereal!

  49. gina g

    how amazing!

  50. Woo hoo you go girl! That is awesome!

  51. tess

    What an awesome deal! And you are awesome for jump starting such a cool thing, Thanks!

  52. Brandi

    what a great post.

    After just getting back from Honduras for the second time, I would say I definitely take food (and many other things) for granted, as do many people here in the States.

    I try to use up leftovers and not waste any food, but it’s still crazy just HOW MUCH we have here compared to other parts of the world. When people around the world still don’t have clean water or you see them digging through the garbage next to dogs for their next meal….it hits you how much we have and how much more grateful and thankful we should be. AND how much we should be giving back.

  53. Samantha

    What a great cause!
    I am totally guilty of taking food for granted.
    This post motivates me to use up everything sitting in my cupboards and freezer, donating canned goods that I know I won’t use and being more aware of food that I am wasting.
    Thanks so much for this post!

  54. Great idea! Here’s to many boxes of cereal!

  55. how brave of you to write this post! happy weekend. 🙂

  56. Laura E

    What a great idea!

  57. brittany

    No one should ever have to go to bed hungry.

  58. lisa

    here’s another to support the cause! rock on…and thank you.

  59. Cereal is my favorite! How awesome that they are donating boxes of cereal!

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  61. that is such a great cause!

  62. Great mission! Happy to help other bloggers and fun to be part of it too!

    Can you help me make it to 30? Head over to and help to Blog it Forward in New Jersey.

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