anticipated and new.

One of the reasons for my passion for food also accounts for my adoration of travel.  There is an excitement and a curiosity inherent to globetrotting: you may have preconceived ideas about the culture you plan to visit, but you can never know the accuracy of those notions until you’ve seen the place with your own eyes.

I remember, for instance, a February weekend in Copenhagen, where I was prepared for the cold, for the high prices, for the sleek and modern designs.  I was overwhelmed instead, though, by the warmth of the people.  Never could I have predicted that a bus driver would pull her bus to the curb and open the door, only to ask my friend and I if we were in need of directions, as we stared upwards in search of a street sign.  I don’t foresee a Manhattan driver doing that any time soon.

Tonight, as I got together the elements of dinner, I chose to actually follow a recipe.  [I know, who am I?]  The ingredients were simple, and I was well-acquainted with all of them.  Yet, I had never experienced them combined in this manner.  I felt that same anticipation – confident that it would taste delicious, unsure of the exact flavor I’d be presented with, ready to be surprised by something new.

I took Gena’s pizza “cheese” [I know, I am apparently running to be her number one fan], and I layered some inside red chard leaves, along with sautéed onion, peppers, and tomatoes [clearly not raw].  Here’s a view pre-wrapping:


Kind of like pizza – minus the bread, which I had on the side, of course.  


I would never have proposed that cashews could mimic ricotta with near precision in taste.  I’ve experienced it in a couple vegan restaurants, but never in my own kitchen.  Cooking (or “uncooking,” in this case) can certainly take us to many, many places.

Do you consider food an adventure?



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6 responses to “anticipated and new.

  1. Yay!!! I am so glad you loved the recipe. And I am your fan, too 😀

  2. What a delicious recipe! I’m totally with you that food is an adventure… discovering new recipes, developing your own tastes, playing with new foods. It’s all so much fun! 😀


  3. I consider your food an adventure. Mine, not so much, but I live vicariously through you!

  4. I definitely do consider food an adventure!

    I love how you mix raw ideas with cooked foods. Just because it’s cooked doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, I heard on NPR that cooking can actually bring out the vitamins in vegetables. All about balance.

  5. Looks great! Food is definitely an adventure- almost a travel substitute. You can visit the different countries with every meal and be transported to India/China/Mexico 😀

  6. I definitely think food is an adventure. Every where you go there’s new and interesting foods to try 🙂

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