gadgets and gizmos.

Prior to moving into my current apartment, I was surviving with a relatively sub par set of kitchen utensils.

garlic press

Back in college, I lived in very modern “dorms,” equipped with galley kitchens of white countertops, full-sized refrigerators, and stainless steel appliances.  I always tell people that going to NYU wasn’t comparable to attending a real college – I never saw or spoke to my neighbors, but I had a real kitchen at the age of 18.

kitchen gadgets

The kitchen in my last apartment was a definite step down from the college days. Running the length of our hallway, it inexplicably contained two mini refrigerators, no microwave, a doll-sized sink, and one small square countertop. We unplugged one fridge and used it as a cabinet.  

wine key

Even though I lived there for a year, I didn’t see the use in purchasing too many gadgets; I knew space in my suitcases would be too precious on the trip back to the US.  So, I toughed it out with one sharp knife, a wooden spoon, a pie plate and a 6 inch cutting board. Mincing garlic became a 5 minute chopping process.   Peeling a carrot was an adventure in precise knifework.   Ever tried zesting a lemon with a fork?  What about using a pie plate as a casserole dish, baking sheet, or serving platter?


Needless to say, I was more than a bit excited to raid Home Goods and my grandmother’s stash for fundamental kitchen supplies. I still don’t know how I lived without a garlic press, grater, or peeler and still managed to cook most of my meals.  

food processor

And now, I have finally acquired the last piece.  The appliance that completes a kitchen, that opens up every blended recipe I’ve had to previously leave to the side.  Sure, there are other gadgets I daydream about.  (Vitamix!)  But a food processor?  I’ve dreamt long enough.


What’s your favorite food processor recipe?  I don’t know what to make first!



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11 responses to “gadgets and gizmos.

  1. banana soft serve! banana soft serve! then maybe some guac. mmmmm

  2. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! I do not have a food processor–I wish I did. I just got a Kitchen Aid mixer for part of my graduation present and I am in love with it!

    It is so exciting to get new gadgets. We are inspector gadgetsssss

  3. I agree with Whit. Banana softserve! Hummus and PB are also good! And you can make so many good sauces with the food processor. Pesto comes to mind…

  4. is that the mini cuisinart?? i have the same one! i love making fresh hummus and pesto. so delicious.

    also, i’m an NYU grad too. woot!

    and thank you for your kind words in response to my recent post about job placement + morality. glad i’m not the only one with an employment experience like the one i had at lulu.

  5. verbalriot

    soft serve banana ice cream, guac and hummus!

  6. I’m impressed that you survived without those gadgets, too! I can imagine how appreciative you must feel now.

  7. Keeping an eye on this post! I really want to get a food processor 😀

    I went to NYU for a semester 😉

  8. Food processors rock. First recipe is banana softserve. Seriously will change your life.
    And then avocado pesto.
    Well done on the gadgets, I don’t know how I’d survive without many types of knives, a julienne peeler, a peeler etc etc.

  9. I have to echo the banana soft serve! It’s changed my life. Hummus and homemade nut butters are a close second/third.

  10. Very timely, as I’ve been on the fence about splurging on a food processor myself! I confess, it’s peer pressure about the banana soft serve, but now I might get a few more ideas to validate the purchase!

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