rainy season.

Apparently, this past June was the rainiest in New York history.  We city dwellers tend to complain about summer heat – stuffy subways, heavier than usual smog, skyscrapers that block any sort of breeze.  Personally, though, I’d much rather endure a heat wave than the monsoon season we’ve had instead.  

The constant wet threat has compelled me to turn to my rain-weathering necessities, many of which should have no place in the month of July:

rain boots

Rain boots – sandals, rain, and dirty city streets are not a good mix.


Hot tea.

umbrella and raincoat

Light raincoat and a cheap umbrella, which blows inside out every other rainstorm.

soup and crackers

Steaming soup, with a side of crackers.

peanut butter and bread

More comfort food.

hot spices

Fiery spices make the cool rain more inviting.


Beach daydreams, which should be beach realities.

Is it raining where you are?  What do you need to make it through the storms?



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8 responses to “rainy season.

  1. We had quite a large rainstorm just last night, but today is looking to be the opposite! Sun is shining brightly, YES!

  2. Amy

    I think we are the same person, leslie! I swear.

    I adore this list of rainy-day essentials. So sorry that NYC is being un-summer-esque though. Wishing you lots of sunshine very soon 🙂

    Honestly, it hasn’t rained much since Ive been home–outside of Philadelphia–so I am quite thankful.

  3. Sorry to hear about the rain but cute boots!

  4. Rain boots are a MUST for NY summers! I gave up on umbrellas…they never weathered the storm (pardon the pun, lol).

    I generally just get wet and come home to a long hot shower and dry clothes!

  5. It hasn’t rained too much lately… but the beginning of summer was horrible. I stayed inside a lot… which wasn’t necessarily a good thing!

  6. I’m totally with you that all this rain is just crazy. But I’m loving those rain boots… so stylish! And all that comfort food looks delicious.

    As long as the sunny weather come back soon, I don’t mind a day or two of rain. It gives me a little time to kick back and relax! 🙂


  7. Yes! We just biked home from boxing in the pouring rain, I look like a drowned rat! Nothing a nice bath and a cup of coffee won’t solve though!

  8. Rain can sometimes be a bummer but they happen for a reason. When it pours, I think about how happy the farmers must be for the very much needed rain for their crops.

    I love walking, biking, and now running in the rain. Feels like I have that direct connection with the rain clouds above. 😀

    Also, letting you know I gave you the Lovely Blog Award. Do check it out on my blog when you have the time.

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