technical difficulties.

Usually, I am a very quiet and composed person.  When my internet suddenly refused to function today, I calmly strolled over to the router, checking the lights.  Thirty minutes later, no amount of unplugging, rebooting, and resetting would give me the signal I needed.  Six attempts later, I finally dialed the help line of my cable company.

The list of problems we’ve had with our cable/internet provider can’t even be counted on ten fingers.  There was a point when the New York manager must have had my name and address memorized.  So, I wasn’t looking forward to making yet another phone call to customer service, and well, my voice may have gone up a few decibels today.  After four transfers to the “appropriate” technical agent, the signal finally returned early this evening.

So, let’s just leave the usual photo post for tomorrow, okay? 🙂

Luckily, I had the perfect task set ahead of me to release my aggression.

young coconut

I’ve been meaning to attack a coconut for a while, but fear of losing an arm in the process of cracking one has held me back.  I think that was a valid phobia, but as it turns out, it was unwarranted.  All I had to do was pull up a trusty coconut tutorial, place one hand firmly behind my back, and hope that my hand-eye coordination had improved since the last time I put it to the test.

I kind of wanted to close my eyes, but that didn’t seem like an intelligent idea.  

cracked coconut

Success!  [Ok, I missed on the first blow, as you can see].  After scraping out the meat, I developed this very complex recipe:

chilled red pepper and coconut soup

  • meat of one young coconut
  • one red bell pepper
  • 1/4 c fresh cilantro

Combine ingredients in blender.  Refrigerate minimum one hour.

Served alongside a salad of red chard, kidney beans, and raw sweet corn (a random pairing with the soup – sometimes I can’t decide what I’m in the mood for).

red pepper and coconut soup

The soup was so good.  Often when creating a new dish, I determine the initial ingredients and add a couple extra as I go along.  Once this one was blended, I tasted the mixture, expecting it would be missing a little something.  But the simple elements combined perfectly:  it was rich, deep in flavor, and absolutely delicious.

What’s the worst technical difficulty you’ve ever had to deal with?



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8 responses to “technical difficulties.

  1. Ugh, no internet? Terrible! How did you function? I am much impressed by your coconut wrangling skills, and eventual taming + consuming of said coconut!

  2. holy crap! now you can be on “LOST!”

  3. Ack, technology is wonderful…when it WORKS! I think my worst was when I moved into this apartment. I had a pre-paid wireless thing (like a cellphone) for my laptop and it suddenly died. Turned out, within 2 days, I had gone almost $500 over the limit and they never warned me! I had no idea! I move on Friday and am going to be without internet and phone for the first few days, and my cellphone gets no reception in the new place. More than a little worried about it!

    I LOVE fresh coconut 😀

  4. I’d love to try fresh coconut! The soup youmade with it looks so good.

    I get frustrated and impatient–unlike you–you were so patient and good! 🙂

  6. My work is in IT so we deal with “technical problems”.

    Eeep! I love fresh coconuts but have never opened one on my own. We had trees growing on our yard in the province. It was a thrill watching the men climb the tall trees and avoiding the coconuts as they dropped them to the ground. They would then shell and open them for us. I love the almost transluscent, very young coconut flesh.

    Your cold soup looks very creamy and delicious. Your creations always give me new ideas.

  7. I love your simple soup, and I am intensely proud of your first coconut experience 🙂

  8. Mj

    How did you do it?!!!! I tried this once and my whole family attempted even using a hammer and electric knife (true story, all massive fails).

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