variety and addiction.

I often wonder how I survived many years eating the same few foods at each meal.  Not only do I now find eating similar flavors day after day unbearably mundane, but it seems a shame not to draw on the overwhelming number of natural ingredients at my disposal.  


Even though I begin nearly every morning with a bowl of oats, I always mix them up.  Hot some days, cold others; topped by almond butter one day, peanut butter another; with a plum today, an apricot tomorrow.  If I end up with leftovers from a meal, I always search for ways to transform them into a new dish.  And when encountering an ingredient in the grocery store, I scheme at least three different ways to use it over the course of the week, even if the ideas are as simple as a salad or a sandwich.  


Every now and then, however, I am surprised to find myself incessantly craving a single food combination.  Last December, I couldn’t go an afternoon without pomegranate seeds in my Greek yogurt.  A couple months ago, a lunch was empty without a perfect champagne mango.  And now?  I have become infatuated with the simplest of groupings: toast plus avocado.

avocado toast

I don’t know what sparks these addictions.  But my current days are simply incomplete without some creamy green atop my grainy bread.  While I’ve got a dinner out to look forward to tonight, I am still anticipating avocado toast with lunch.  We’ll see how long this obsession lasts.

Do you have a current food addiction?  



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11 responses to “variety and addiction.

  1. I am currently addicted to blueberries. I am sure you have not noticed or anything. 😉

  2. verbalriot

    Fig and Olive is supposed to be awesome. It’s on the Restaurant Week list, I wonder how it is!

    I absolutely love avocados. I just discovered my love for spelt bread, so I’m double obsessed!

  3. shelby

    That is my current addiction too! Avocado toast is a regular on my blog =)

  4. Oats and wraps are my obsessions right now…endless possibilities for how to transform them!

  5. Avocado and toast are sooo amazing together so you’re rightfully addicted 🙂

    Have a great dinner tonight! I’ve been dying to try Fig & Olive! And p.s. I’m e-mailing you soon.

  6. Amy

    I tend to eat exactly the same things everyday/every meal but for sets of about 3-4 weeks! Mashed avocado/a tiny smidge of salt and toast is the best.

    Have a beautiful dinner out-that restaurant’s website looks great 😀

  7. I am in love with this new honey roasted butter I got a couple of days ago. So sweet and so good.

    I also love Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread. DELISH!

  8. Avocado on toast has been in current rotation for breakfast/lunch for the past month or so — it’s especially delicious on Ezekiel muffins. I tend to tire of some things easily, and get hooked on others. I never get tired of bananas/nut butter, yet I sometimes get tired of oats/cereal for breakfast. Besides the avocado, my current addiction is medjool dates – so yummy.

  9. Lately for me it’s been salty+sweet–for example I’ve been loving dried strawberry+salted peanuts at the same time, it’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my mouth!

  10. What I great idea to smear avocado on toast! My current food addiction? Pumpkin puree. I eat it year round blended in cottage cheese and in protein pumpkin bars.

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