a raw platter.

I’m currently attending an event courtesy of the lovely Gena (recap tomorrow!), so there’s no creative cooking tonight.  Instead, I thought I’d share a recent lunch, which fittingly happens to have been all raw.


Centered on the platter: gazpacho, which was perfect as promised.  I skipped the water and used lemon juice instead of lime, but mostly I managed to actually follow the recipe.  Shocking!

Rounding out the spread – cucumber rolls (wrapped around carrot, avocado, and hot sauce), Ezekiel bread (justifiable purchase because it was on sale), and a perfectly juicy red plum.

A real lunch for me rarely involves a single plate.  So while a platter may be meant to serve many, it was a perfect fit for a full meal for one.

Do you prefer your meals platter sized or small plate sized?



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9 responses to “a raw platter.

  1. Love the platter style! I have to say I usually am a one-plate or one-bowl kinda girl. But your way sounds so much more fun to eat!

  2. I eat most of my meals in a single bowl. A small plate for sandwiches, and a bento for my lunches. That platter looks lovely!

  3. traveleatlove

    I normally like a whole bunch of small plates.
    Those cucumber rolls look delish. It would be fun to fill them with so many things!

  4. What a lovely mix of foods! I’ve never tried gazpacho, but it sure sounds delicious.

    I’m totally with you on the platters. I love being able to satisfy all my craving in one meal. It’s always fun to pick and choose my sides!


  5. What a gorgeous lunch! I love all the bright colors!

  6. I love fruit platters or veggie platters with dips, but for meals I prefer smaller plates so I don’t overload it with food.

  7. Great cucumber rolls, it kinda reminds me of sushi.

  8. Looks delicious! Some of my meals I like in a big bowl/dish, but some things I don’t like to touch other foods so I use a few plates…

    Have fun with Gena! (are you in NY?)

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