reuse, reduce.

As a budget-conscious person, I hate to waste.  

Despite my adoration of fashion, my closet doesn’t often seen new items; instead, I’ve become skilled at reusing what I have, layering, twisting, and belting to create new looks from old pieces.  I won’t discard food until it is well past peak freshness (though I’ve usually devoured it before it can reach that point).  And I struggle to toss away items that appeal aesthetically, even if their conventional uses have long since passed

From the outside, it might appear unnecessarily stingy, but I like to think the tendency helps keep me green – and imaginative.

truffle oil

Empty truffle oil bottle, used as a reed dfifuser vase.

quinoa risotto ingredients

The dregs of cheap wine, plus leftover quinoa and a bit of parmesan make a great faux risotto.

antique jewelry

Antique jewelry – instant recycling.

tea recipe box

Empty tea box converted into a recipe box, should I ever choose to follow one.

ratatouille soup

Leftovers always make tasty, yet ugly, soups.

thrifted clothing

Thrifted clothing – unique and recycled.


Party finger foods one night; “side salad” the next.

What are the things you reuse the most?



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8 responses to “reuse, reduce.

  1. You are so thrifty! I too, hate seeing food go to waste. I love leftovers for that purpose!

  2. Ah, love this. Always looking for ideas to reuse things! My latest one is using old hummus containers to freeze fruit that is about to go bad- chop it, freeze and it’s perfect to throw into a batch of oatmeal. Saving both the container and the fruit!

  3. Amy

    You are green + glamorous at the same time! Great ideas. Your antique and vintage finds are amazing– I’d love to see more!

  4. I am completely with you here! I am such a thrify person too – I hate waste! I never throw out food if I can possibly help it and I definitely am not in a position to be buying heaps of new clothes at the moment but I love finding new ways to wear things – it’s totally satisying.

    p.s. that soup looks pretty to me!

  5. I love the recycling ideas, especially the antique jewelry and colothes 🙂

  6. fruitsveggieslife

    I try to reuse or recycle everything I can – most often with clothing! I love second hand stores.

  7. You have some great recycling and reusing ideas. I reuse most plastic containers with lids for keeping food in or using for salads and dressings to take to work.

  8. That tea box is lovely! Great recycling ideas. Paper towels are wasteful so I use cloth towels instead.

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