dinner daydreams.

The simple knowledge that I was going to make this dinner was all I needed to keep me motivated for 9 hours on my feet today.

It was sort of a spin on my go-to formula, with a twist from some sauce.

I started with the veg:

vegetableseggplant, zucchini, mushrooms

While sautéing, I whipped up a batch of peanut sauce.

peanut saucewith extra ginger

Then I cooked up the last of my soba noodles, saving the garnishes for last.

soba noodles, cashews, basilcashews, soba noodles, basil

I tossed all the deliciousness together and fridged it for about an hour.  There was some wine consumed in the meantime.

white wine

Digging in was worth the wait.


Do you ever dream of a meal all day? 



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7 responses to “dinner daydreams.

  1. Yes, I do and that one was totally dreamworthy!

  2. Everyday! 😀
    That dinner is dreamy. I love soba and basil but have never put them in the same dish together. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Yes, I dream of my meals all day sometimes. But sometimes…its at night when I’m dreaming about breakfast the next day! Like I’m doing right now…

  4. that sounds great… i was just dreaming about my dinner tonight (after spending the night literally dreaming about my breakfast!)

  5. Yes I do–I usually have atleast one day dream a day surrounded around food. I especially dream about desserts and sweets. I wish I dreamt of veggies though. hehe

  6. that looks so good! i’m stealing it and trying it this weekend! 🙂

  7. I do sit in my office at work and day dream about what I might cook when I get home that evening 🙂

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