With all the buzz recently about Food, Inc (I swear I’m seeing it this week!), I have been spending a lot of time considering the importance of supporting locally grown food.

local flyer

Growing up, I remember traveling to a blueberry patch with my mother.  Though I refused to eat a single berry myself, I’ll never forget the sensation of being warmed by the sun, filling a basket while kneeling in the midst of rows of bushes.  As a child, it felt like a paradise, a place all too removed  from my suburban reality.  


Local food wasn’t a complete mystery.  Some August evenings, we would walk a few streets from our house to purchase fresh corn from a Connecticut farm for dinner. I would dutifully shuck it on our backyard porch, painstakingly working to pull every last “hair” off the kernels.

turkish spices

Some of my favorite travel experiences have involved browsing local food markets. Striding through the vivid colors and overpowering smells at Istanbul’s Egyptian spice bazaar, gazing at endless berry baskets and dark breads at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. My parents and I spent an afternoon in Vienna noshing dried fruits and artisan cheeses on our way through the city’s Naschmarkt.

fulton stall market

I know some people who dread grocery shopping. But if you’re willing to try fresh foods, I think browsing a farmer’s market is one of the most rewarding ways to spend a grocery trip. Knowing exactly to whom your money is going, from where your food is coming, and exactly how it arrived is a right we should never have sacrificed.

spring produce sign

Plus, food that hasn’t traveled far always has the richest natural flavors.  Taste and environmental friendliness?  I’m sold.

When was the last time you visited a farmer’s market?  Is buying local a priority for you?



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  1. I’m going to the farmer’s market this weekend with my mom! Now you have me all pumped for it!

  2. Unfortunately there’s no farms or farmers markets anywhere near me. I agree it would be better to buy locally grown, if I had the opportunity.

  3. I’ll be heading back to the farmers market tomorrow morning before work. I love it.

    There is one close to my house on Saturday mornings, but I always miss it because I work during its hours of operation. I found one near my office and went last week and was absolutely giddy as a result. Lots of farmers with tonnes of produce that tasted just amazing. My fiance and I decided that the cauliflower I got last week was some of the best we’d ever had.

  4. yup yup! i love going to my local farmers market every weekend. such a community!

  5. I always try to buy foods that are both organic and local, seeing as they will be produced using healthy methods and not have to go through long shipping methods. It’s difficult to find foods like this, but I always make it my goal! There are so many benefits to supporting organic and local farmers that it’s definitely worth the effort.


  6. I love my farmer’s market and did a post about it awhile back (Market Value). Every Saturday it’s absolutely packed with people, veggies, flowers, breads, etc.

    I only go about once a month, just because our grocery store actually carries local produce and I have to refresh a couple times a week, but it’s always such a fun morning when I go. If I can choose local or not, I go local, but I can’t always get what I want from “local” farms. Boo.

  7. Amy

    On point, on point *claps* ! You are so lucky to have traveled around the globe, sampling such exotic treasures of so many cultures. I love your descriptions of each market.

    I love local farmers markets. You can’t beat JERSEY corn, tomatoes, and blueberries in the summer! New Jersey might be trashy in other ways, but lets not forget its nickname: the garden state. Local-on-the-side-of-the-road farm fresh produce? The best!

  8. I try to go to the farmer’s market every Saturday, but some days I don’t have the chance. I go to a lot of local produce stores, but sadly I have not found any that are 100% local. I often find myself struggling with buying local vs. buying organic, since sometimes I can’t always find local AND organic products.

  9. traveleatlove

    Buying local is definitely a priority for us. I love going to the Copley Farmer’s Market each Tuesday and Friday in Boston.
    I LOVE Naschmarkt too. I could spend days there just looking at (and eating!) all of the beautiful food!

  10. Going to the market every Saturday morning was something I loved doing as a kid growing in a small town. The vegetables and fruits were sold by the same people who grew them. The produce were not uniform in size and color; they were not spotless; they were not packaged.
    There’s no farmer’s market near where I live now but there are some stands along the road selling random veggies which I love buying from.

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