“we’re at yoga.”

Those were the words my instructor uttered this morning, while guiding us to release forward into pigeon, heads pressed to the mat, arms and leg outstretched and open.

hot yoga essentials

It was a bit of an intense class this morning.  The practice was led by a woman who demanded much more in the way of precision than I had previously experienced.  As she adjusted each participant equally and mindfully, we were encouraged to remain steady in each pose for minutes at a time.  

Halfway through, I was working so hard that sweat was literally dripping onto my mat (TMI?).  My arms were trembling; I questioned if I could continue at this slow, excruciating pace.  

Yet, for every minute that it seems impossible to continue, I always find that yoga evens itself out.  As we laid to rest in pigeon, the room was full of unique, differing, and audible breaths.  And the instructor said, “It’s ok.  We’re at yoga.” 

Simple and succinct, she said everything that needed to be said.  In the studio, in the heat, out of the world, out of stress – yoga is my safe zone.  It doesn’t need to be in a specific place, with a specific instructor, for a specific length of time.  I only need to be present and to try, and it is enough.

Where is your safe haven?



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7 responses to ““we’re at yoga.”

  1. At home, with my dog curled up on my lap, loving me no matter what!

  2. Amy

    OH my goodness, I love this post. It’s so ironic because I was just thinking about how upset I was that I missed my yoga class this morning for the very reason that you’re post describes: it is my safe haven, my quiet space, my alone time for the day. I feel so similarly to you–every word!

    How great that we have this ❤

  3. Wow, it sounds like you had a great experience with yoga. I bet you felt so cleansed afterwards.

    My safe haven would be dancing…I feel like myself when I am doing it. I feel like I can do anything in the world. I feel renewed and ready to conquer.

  4. I loved this post- my safe haven is dancing and for the exact reasons you wrote about yoga!

  5. Seriously, such a great post! Yoga is so beneficial for both your mind and body, learning to trust yourself and stregthen inside and out. Sounds like a wonderful class and a great teacher!

    I can totally agree that yoga provides me with a “safe haven” and a place to truly connect and relax!


  6. you have such great writing skills. I’ve never tried yoga before but I could really imagine myself in your body, stretching it out!
    I can’t wait to try yoga for myself when I get to college!

  7. Wow, loved this post. Zen. I can’t wait to try yoga.

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