Tradition has its benefits.  There is something forever comforting about returning to the familiar, the tried and true.  I experience this every summer when my family spends a week in southern Maine – our beach town has always felt separate from time.  The vacation is built around our traditions – numb toes in the cold Atlantic water, long meals at creative seasonal restaurants, evenings in an old-fashioned playhouse and movie theater, strolls along oceanside cliffs.  Returning each August reminds me of the beauty of habit.

But, I am also an avid experimenter.  While the time-honored can be soothing, the untraditional is challenging.  And that is often where the true fun can be found.

I am certainly not a traditionalist when it comes to food.  Some of my greatest kitchen discoveries stem from decisions to tweak timeless dishes.

Among many alternative preparations, I’ve learned:

Oats don’t have to be cooked…

muesli and bananasnack muesli: oats, raisins, dried figs, mixed nuts, soy milk, yogurt

Vegetables can be eaten for breakfast…

carrot cake oatscarrot cake oats

Chocolate mousse can be nutritious…

avocado mousseavocado, cocoa powder, agave

Salads don’t have to have greens…

greenless saladzucchini, carrot, yuca, cherry tomatoes, red beans

And they don’t have to come on a plate…

zucchini soupcold zucchini soup: zucchini, tomato, spinach, basil, evoo

Are you a traditionalist?



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13 responses to “[un]tradition.

  1. I am a bit of both! I haven’t tried any of those dishes pictured and I ALWAYS have greens in my salads.

    Of course I often have veggies with breakfast, so I don’t know. I am open to new ideas, so I guess that would make me an untraditionalist.

    Speaking of new ideas, I like the idea of carrot cake oats. Perhaps I will try that for brekkie tomorrow?

  2. This is a hard question. I think it depends on what I’m doing 🙂

    Lovely thoughts today, Miss Leslie.

  3. A

    Wow…. I was just talking about trying new things I see on other blogs. I’m so trying some of these! Happy Wednesday! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I think I am a traditionalist for many things, and not so much for other things.

    I have strong opinions on food tho, lol!

  5. heck no! though it does take me a while to break tradition….

  6. I like my family traditions like the way we spend Christmas, or have a Sunday dinner, but then I don’t like the marriage tradition, where the woman has to take the man’s name, the traditional vows etc. So I think some is good, some is bad.

  7. Very cool post! I am kind of stuck in my ways when it comes to most things, but I like your take on “breaking out of tradition” especially when it comes with such delicious results!

  8. wow that cold soup looks really good 😀 I love that its cold because I usually am not a fan of warm foods during these hot summer days.

  9. fruitsveggieslife

    Hmm. There are certain traditions that I will hang on to until forever, but others can be fun to experiment with – like foods! Especially at times such as Thanksgiving!

  10. Heck no I am not traditional! In fact, I’ve eaten most of the eats in this post =)

  11. traveleatlove

    I love family traditions, but I have branched out a lot on my own, especially when it comes to food and travel!

  12. andrenna

    You made the raw chocolate dish I was talking about yesterday! Yay! And it looks delicious. I’m a little jealous right now because I don’t have an avocado to make it myself.

    • Andrenna,

      And it was a-mazing! I’ve been meaning to make it for a while, but I don’t have a food processor so I realized I could just use agave and do a lot of mashing. It was so decadent, I adored it!

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