summer lovin’.

July 4th always feels bittersweet to me – it’s a wonderful summer holiday, but it also marks a distinct halfway point in the season. The days have reached their peak length, the thunderstorms are in full force, and summer can slowly feel like it’s slipping away.

Instead, I’m acknowledging that there are two beautiful months left, and many of my favorite parts of summer are currently in their prime:


Fresh cherries, worth waiting the whole year for.


Warm blue skies.

farmer's market

Farmer’s markets, abundant with vendors and goods.


Beach weather.

ice cream scoop

Real ice cream – I don’t do froyo.

white wine

White wine, preferably enjoyed on the rooftop.

yankees paraphernalia

Baseball games – part of a quintessential American summer.


Fresh herbs, adding crisp and cool flavor to summertime cooking.

What are your favorite summer-specific things?



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6 responses to “summer lovin’.

  1. A

    Gorgeous pictures!!! I love being outside with my family in summer….. anything outside is good with me!!!

  2. My favorite summer “thang” is sitting outside on the porch with my family and outdoor concerts too!

  3. I definitely just grinned when I saw that Don Mattingly jersey you got there.

    I am a diehard Yankee–born and bred.

    My favorite part of summer is the long days and extra hours of sunshine.

    Happiness Awaits

  4. Lovely pics!

    My summer faves are definitely:
    Fresh fruits and veggies.
    Ice cream + fro-yo (yes I do fro-yo)
    Sunshine and warm waters.

  5. Amy

    Ahhh I love your summer loves! So simple yet satisfying. Mine would be sitting outside at night, iced coffee, sunshine waking me up in the morning, the smell of fresh cut grass, and bike rides.

  6. andrenna

    Nice list!!

    I’d add:

    (stone fruits of all kinds really!)
    grilled foods – fishes, veggies, stone fruits
    heirloom tomatoes (until I moved to California, I only knew of green and red tomatoes, now I know they come in ALL colors, even purple!)
    summer beers! (pacifico, local ipa’s!)

    I am so sad that summer is halfway over. It’s my favorite season by far!

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