the essentials.

I consider myself to be a largely diverse eater.  I always preach balance and the benefits of including a wide scope of ingredients into one’s lifestyle.  Mostly, this stems from my interest in flavor – I become weary of the same dishes if eaten too often.

But, there are certain foods that I am perfectly content to consume every single day, and I miss them dearly when I don’t get them in.


Bananas, usually warmed up in oatmeal, preferably lightly speckled with brown for maximum sweetness.  My sister and I have joked that we need to plant a banana tree on our balcony, as we each munch on one daily.

greek yogurt

Plain Greek yogurt.  Nothing compares to the thickness and the tang.  As someone with a relatively weak sweet tooth, I always found flavored yogurts to be cloyingly over-sugared.  Plain yogurt changed my life – but Greek took it to a whole other plane of existence.  I wish I could afford to buy Fage 2%, because it is by far the best.

baby spinach

Greens.  I have to buy them in trough size quantities.  So many nutrients, so many different types.  Plus, any food with such rich color instantly appeals to the aestheticist in me.

almonds and almond butter

Almonds, in some form.  My favorite nut.  When I buy almond butter it consists of one ingredient – no salt, no sugar, nothing but pure, blended almonds.


Oats.  If I had to pick one grain to stick to the rest of my life, oats would be it.  There is no food that is a better platform for kitchen experimentation.  Oats can be enjoyed warm, cold, raw, baked, sweet, or savory.  With such versatility, they’re the one food I could never tire of eating.

Ironically, I seem to have covered all of the food groups.  Isn’t it nice when balance sneaks up on you?

Which foods are your essentials?



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6 responses to “the essentials.

  1. Honestly, you just listed all my food essentials. Though I’d throw in apples too – I eat one every day.

  2. Amy

    You listed some of my favorites–almonds, greens, bananas! My food essentials would have to be: strawberries + blueberries, whole organic carrots, hummus, apricots/peaches, and dark chocolate. I eat these things every day, without a doubt. OH AND coffee!

  3. I think you pretty much covered mine right there.

    Bananas, spinach, yogurt, almond milk. I would add chocolate and peanut butter to that list!

    I had a lovely banana in my oatmeal just this morn!

  4. GOSH–I feel you covered almost all your readers! I cannot live without almond milk either, now. AND definitely some type of cinnamon raisin bread–Ezekiel is the best.

  5. Your essentials are my essentials. I MUST have a banana and nut butter everyday as long as it’s available. (I can be more flexible on vacation though). Greens, broccoli, baby carrots, and yogurt (either regular or Greek) are also necessities 🙂

  6. andrenna

    Haha, these are mine, too! Except like Whit and Madison, almond milk is also an essential.

    P.S. – I loveveveve savory oats!

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