Last week I was feeling green, but this one has to be all about the red, white, and blue.  My week leading up to the fourth will inevitably include…

strawberries and blueberries

Summer berries, in copious amounts.

beach outfit

Beach attire.

peppers, tomatoes, yogurt dip

Small snack plate: red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, Greek yogurt + dill dip.

beach bag, fruit, sunglasses

Beach essentials: fresh fruit and sun protection.

quaker oats

Morning oats, of course.

yoga supplies

Yoga, on my new mat.

beans, barley, chili powder

Dinner, perhaps: red beans, barley, chili powder brought home from Istanbul.

How will you celebrate this weekend?



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6 responses to “americana.

  1. Beautiful post!

    I am going to celebrate this week by surrounding myself with good friends. I’m booked up almost every week night, and I love it!

  2. How pretty! I love all the red, white and blue!

    I will be on the lake watching fireworks. Happens every year. 🙂

  3. verbalriot

    LOVE your photos and beach attire. So beautiful!

  4. You are so cute!!!

    I am at the beach and my family is hosting a July 4th BBQ–so we will be celebrating that way. AND my mom got a bubble machine, haha, so I will keep you posted on how that works out….will either be awesome or sticky and wet. We shall see!

  5. Amy

    This post is gorgeous! And I love the beach attire–especially the shorts and flats. Adorable. You are so All-American 😉

  6. I simply adore the way you look at things. The focus on red, white and blue makes the mundane so gorgeous. Wow.

    Happiness Awaits

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