When it comes to dining, my ideal restaurants fall into two categories.  In the first, the dishes consist of clean, natural flavors brought out by a simple cooking process.  In the second, the preparations are more complex, featuring several flavors united in surprising and uncommon ways.

Tabla most definitely falls into the second category.  Described as New American cuisine infused with an Indian flavor, dining here was an opportunity to experience a wide array of unique, bold flavor combinations.  Watermelon curry?  Rhubarb napoleon?  Reading the menu was akin to reading foodie poetry.

[Sorry for the poor photo quality – restaurant lighting is always less than ideal]

tabla menu

Diners are given two choices at Tabla – either enjoy a five course tasting menu or select three courses a la carte.  My family never does tastings, because then we’d all be eating the same thing (boring!).

We started with a bottle of Loring Wine Company pinot noir, which had a nice spicy finish:

loring wine company pinot noir

I spotted a dish on the vegetarian tasting menu that didn’t appear to be offered a la carte, but the chefs were very accommodating and willingly made it for me.  I always appreciate flexibility, and as a result, I was able to enjoy this as an appetizer:

tabla: asparagus and polenta

Fresh roasted asparagus surrounding semolina polenta cooked with kokum and coconut milk.  This was so good.  I can’t even describe.

As an entree, I chose the soft shell crab, cooked in a coriander broth with green mango and spring onions:

tabla: softshell crab

I somehow lost the photo of my dessert, but I chose pineapple croquettes with almond butter (!), pink peppercorn ice cream, and a ginger lemongrass sauce.  We all agreed that the desserts were perfectly portioned – not stingy, but just perfectly sized to enjoy a few bites and cap off the meal.

Then we were presented with these:

tabla: chocolatesBlame my sister for one of the missing white chocolates – she got a little eager before I had a chance to snap the photo.  Also, those chocolates on the end were filled with halva, which is possibly one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever seen or tasted.

Being that it was Sunday night, the restaurant was relatively quiet, and we enjoyed our meal upstairs at a cozy corner table.  The waitstaff was attentive but never pretentious or overbearing, so the experience never felt rushed.  We all had a lovely and very tasty evening.  I would definitely recommend this one!



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6 responses to “tabla.

  1. Oh that looks SO GOOD! Glad you enjoyed your evening with the fam.

  2. Haha, I don’t blame your sis for stealing the white chocolate. I love it! I probably would have been an eager beaver too. 🙂

  3. A

    Yeah so I’m sitting here in my boring office this morning trying to gulp down my boring cup of coffee…. dull sounds of people typing and phones ringing in the background. I click on your blog and all of a sudden I’m magically transported to a fabulous restaurant surrounded by delicious foods and beautiful decour. THANK YOU! You made my morning! Monday isn’t looking so bad anymore! 🙂 Ahhhh!

  4. Kelsey

    you have the most beautiful posts that simply transport me to places all around!!!

  5. Alison

    I can’t help it! I love white chocolate!

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