family fun.

My parents are currently on their way into the city for one of our family’s traditional once a month Sundays.

mom and dad in vienna

These usually consist of several predictable parts:

One: Parents arrive with an oversized suitcase full of groceries and Costco items.  They are amazing. [Today I hear we’re getting a tub of hummus, a quart of blueberries, Greek yogurt, and several more mystery items.]

Two:  Parents demand a nosh to tide them over for the afternoon.  I eat lunch, and they eat some hummus. [I made soup from this dinner – it is awesome.]


Three: Family attends a play together.  [South Pacific today!  It’s at Lincoln Center Theatre, which is one of my favorite venues in the city.]

Four:  Family wastes some time by aimlessly wandering the streets.  [Please don’t rain today.]

mom and ally in ogunquit Five:  Family arrives (early) to a reservation at a restaurant specializing in creative, nouvelle cuisine.  [Tabla.  So excited.] 

Six:  30 minutes later, we may have decided on wine, but are likely still debating the menu.  [I’ve already read the menu, and I still know this will be a 30 minute conversation.]

leslie and ally in prague

Seven:  Three hours later.  Yes, we’re still there.  [We like to dine.]

Eight:  Sister and Mom complain of being too full.  Dad and I are content.  [We have the big appetites.] 

lobster man

I love these days.

I’ll be back with a Tabla review later; in the meantime, what’s your favorite thing to do with your family?



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6 responses to “family fun.

  1. Sounds like a blast! 🙂

  2. Aw, this is so sweet and made me smile! It seems like such a fun tradition ya’ll have.

    My favorite thing to do with my family is traveling to a different town. I love to explore and shop and eat at unique places with them. I always feel comfortable and safe and interested in the new city with them by my side.

  3. andrenna

    I want to steal your family. 🙂 Or make one of my own….someday!

  4. Sounds like a perfect family time. I like that you are all foodies!
    My fav family time is taking a walk with them! We come up with the most interesting convos!

  5. I love your dad’s bib 🙂

  6. I love going on group vacations with my family. I am the youngest of 6 kids and we all have significant others and a slew of neices and nephews. Going on vacation is so relaxing and fun. And cooking mass meals together is something I never take for granted.

    Happiness Awaits

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