quick and easy.

Tonight was a definite “go-to” night.

I started with bulgur and garlic.


Then tossed together some red beans and heaven vegetables: red pepper, cucumber, zucchini, and kalamata olives.  

beans and veggies

Topped with pine nuts, feta, lemon juice and zest, and balsamic vinegar.  

bulgur, beans, vegetables

Sometimes the thrown-together meals are the best of all.

It’s funny that a few years ago, if I hadn’t planned ahead, I would either have had pasta or ordered takeout.  Now I consider something like this an “easy” meal.  And it is easy, perhaps because healthy eating became not only a habit, but a way of life.  

Is health a way of life for you?  Or do you have to work for it?



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6 responses to “quick and easy.

  1. I love meals like this! I actually just had one like that yesterday. Yummy.

  2. I love easy peasy thrown together meals!

    In answer to your question, yes healthy eating is slowly but surely becoming a ‘way of life’ for me.

  3. ohh foods looks yummy. i have never tried bulgur. but its a must very soon i guess 😉

  4. andrenna

    Healthy is a way of life for me, too. That said, I’m doing an intense summer internship right now and dinner lately has been cereal! It’s okay once in a while, but not how I want to live my life!

    I’m trying to find ways to combat cereal for dinner syndrome. Do you plan your meals by the week so you have ingredients on hand to make throw together dinners?

    • Andrenna,

      I do usually plan a few dinners so I know which specific ingredients to have on my grocery list. For meals like this though, I just try to keep my pantry stocked with different grains and beans, and then I throw in whatever vegetables I have left in the fridge. Frozen vegetables are great in a pinch too, and then they only take a couple minutes to thaw and throw on top of some rice.

      Hope that helps a little!

      • andrenna

        Thanks, Leslie! I think you have a great formula (grain+legumes/protein+vegetables) and I’m definitely going to co-opt it. It’s so simple and balanced. I do eat a lot of meals like that, I just never broke it down into the elements!

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