On a recent visit to my parents’ house, I opened up the first jar of peanut butter that my mom has had in years.  She’s often told me that she can’t keep peanut butter in the house, because she would devour the whole thing.  I find this rather tough to believe, as my mom has more self-control than any person, male or female, that I’ve ever met.


I wonder why women are so afraid of certain foods?  I don’t sit down with a pound of blueberries and dig in till the case is bare.  I could, but instead I like to enjoy them over the course of a few days.  A bar of dark chocolate is no different.  But if someone saw the berries and the cocoaliciousness perched next to each other on my counter, it isn’t difficult to imagine which would be deemed “off-limits.”


Food is so commonly portrayed with the stigma of a wild, uncontrollable beast.  If we give it an inch and taste a cookie, it will take a mile and demand we finish the batch.  I’d guess the media is partially to blame, pounding us with mantras that result in a complete loss of trust in our own judgments.

tea and cookies

I never want to feel that I don’t have power over my own decisions.  That is simply not true.  If an opportunity arises and I am interested in it, then I will choose to try it.  That stands true for food as well.


My forbidden food list, which was once very long, no longer exists.  I just had pancakes at a restaurant for the first time in two years.  It doesn’t mean I will now have pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  But I can enjoy them if I choose to, just as much as I enjoy a salad when the mood strikes.

bagel and butter

I’m happy to report that my mom recently enjoyed a peanut butter, banana, and raisin sandwich for lunch.  And that jar I opened has not, in fact, been mysteriously consumed in one sitting.  It remains in her pantry, waiting patiently, when she wants it.

Do you consider certain foods off-limits?  



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8 responses to “off-limits.

  1. I consider doughnuts off limits. I just can’t justify eating one.

    Perhaps I will overcome that one day. 🙂

  2. I have noticed that women are crazy about PB. My mom wrote me an email the other day about eating a “PB and banana” sandwich and she hinted about feeling guilty that she did!

    I eat a spoonful of PB every day, and I think I’m a better person because of it 🙂 It’s not an indulgence to me.

  3. PB is no longer an indulgence. Its a way of life =)

    My off limits foods: anything with no nutritional value. I don’t even *want* to eat it if its not doing my body good.

  4. I don’t have any “off limit” foods but I definitely have a list of foods that are hard for me to control myself at just one serving. This includes:

    Homemade cake of any kind
    Pepperoni Pizza
    Ice Cream

    As you can tell, I have a massive sweet tooth. 😀

  5. A

    I have a weak spot when it comes to boxed cereal. I could wipe out whole box in one sitting. The sound of the dry cereal tinking into the glass bowl….. the swish of milk swirling in…. the spoon digging into the bottom for that first bite…. perfect amount of milk to cereal ratio on the spoon…… yes, yes, oh yes!!!!!!!!! Oh, sorry.. Is this a G rated blog? I’ll stop now.

  6. gosh you have a gorgeous blog!!! and a wonderful stash of nut butters! I’m sure you’re making all your readers envious. hehehehe

  7. This is a great post! I used to think this way, but now I enjoy my supposed “guilty pleasures” without guilt. It’s not like I sit around eating nothing but coconut milk ice cream (THAT STUFF IS AMAZING!) but I also don’t deprive myself of what I truly want. I know that I eat healthy and that 90% of my diet is clean, whole foods, so if I want chocolate or nut butter or ice cream, then I go for it. Bravo to you for no longer having a forbidden food list!

  8. I used to have a banned food list that was a mile long. My allowed foods was a much shorter list. After years of working at it, I really don’t have any banned foods. I definitely still have foods that I know I could lose control with (cereal is a major one!) but for the most part, I am now uncomfortable with the whole “banned” food thinking because I know of the negative thoughts it causes.

    Happiness Awaits

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