three strikes…

I eat vegetarian much of the time, but on occasion I do really enjoy having a good piece of fish.  Unfortunately, it is not in my budget to purchase it, well, pretty much ever.  When a pound of lentils or beans go for a dollar, it’s tough to justify the price of fresh fish.

Knowing this, a couple months ago my amazing mother brought me 3 pounds of salmon.  We sliced it up into 4 ounce pieces and tucked them into the freezer for future enjoyment. 


One of the drawbacks to never buying fish is that I am relatively clueless about how to cook it properly.  I am paranoid about undercooking it, although I know most fish, poultry, and meats taste their richest when cooked just enough.

Since I’ve acquired most of my cooking skills through experimentation, I’ve been attacking the salmon with the same adventuresome spirit.  My two previous attempts have been okay – good complimentary flavors, but ultimately cooked too long.

Tonight I decided on a quick and easy preparation, and I was determined not to overdo the broiling time.

I whipped up a quick marinade:

  •  1.5 T seasoned rice vinegar (from Trader Joe’s)
  • 1 T soy sauce
  • 1/2 T sesame oil
  • 1 t agave
  • 1/2″ cube fresh ginger, minced
  • 1/2 t ground mustard

After marinating the salmon for 20 minutes, I broiled it for about 8.  I then tossed together soba noddles, green beans, shredded carrot, and water chestnuts, layered the cooked salmon on top, and drizzled the plate with the remaining marinade.

This was a definite step up.  Third time’s the charm!




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9 responses to “three strikes…

  1. That looks delicious – and not too complicated!

    Must admit – I am so happy I started following your blog on my reader! I think I’ve already said that – but I’m a huge fan of writing. So easy to read and personal. I’ve been looking forward to your daily posting… I love it!

  2. of *your writing, I meant!

  3. verbalriot

    I am the same way about cooking seafood…I feel like I’m clueless but it’s so delicious when it comes out right! This looks great!

  4. wow, I don’t even eat fish and that looks awesome!

  5. For never making fish, that recipe looks amazing! I have been trying to adopt a more vegetarian lifestyle but I am not ready to do it completely. I LOVE fish!! LOL I’m going to have to try your recipe! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. actually, fish cooks up really fast! And if the fish is flavorful enough like salmon, all you need is some seasoning and a splash of lemon!

  7. I am equally clueless about how to cook a piece of salmon, but I do know from watching my mother cook that you can’t go wrong with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice, rosemary and fresh minced garlic on a nice piece of wild salmon. Simple and delicious.

  8. That looks seriously delicious!

  9. that looks SO good! i love salmon dishes with these flavors – I need to put this on my list, and soon!

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