father’s day; a visit to kings.

My dad has been my greatest teacher in life.


Perhaps the most important lesson he’s given me is learning that there is no greater bond than that of a family.  So, today my sister and I were excited to surprise our dad with an unplanned Father’s Day visit.  I couldn’t have imagined spending the day apart!  

Being our family, food had to be involved. We chose our favorite semi-local brunch spot: Kings.


An appropriately titled venue for Dad’s day:


When we were growing up, every Saturday was a “Daddy Day.” We would go to IHOP or a diner, dive into short stacks of pancakes and French toast, and spend the afternoon performing dances in our grandparents’ living room.

Our tastes eventually improved, and we began to frequent a restaurant called Leo’s, which later became known as Kings under new ownership. Whatever the name, the food quality has never let us down.


While I can appreciate some of the trendier New York brunch spots, I believe Kings has the ideal atmosphere for a suburban brunch. Reservations are nonexistant, and the owner personally takes names for the waiting list.  The coffee pots are fresh and flowing; the noise level pleasant with the chatter of countless families.  The menu includes all the traditional staples, plus loads of lunch and brunch specials.

Today we were seated outside, near the backyard gazebo.


We spent some time perusing the holiday menu, filled with creative pancake specials.


Eventually I decided on the California pancakes, which were multigrain pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and almond-raisin granola.



As always, my dad and I exchanged a bite off each other’s plates.  This is a father-daughter tradition that has resulted in many of my first tastes of everything from asparagus to sweet breads.  While I may craft the majority of my food intake around whole and healthy choices, I always enjoy these shared bites, with no regard to their nutritional value.

Thankfully the rain held out long enough for a leisurely outdoor brunch, which was perfect for lingering and soaking up as much paternal company as we could.  

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there (and especially mine)!



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3 responses to “father’s day; a visit to kings.

  1. Ally

    Aw. Good post.

  2. I really think brunch is the best meal in the day, so what a perfect way to celebrate a day of appreciation for the best dad in the world!

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