serious salads.


"side salad."

One of my biggest pet peeves (besides people who blast their ipods too loudly – anyone with me on this?) is the typical salad served at a restaurant.  

I recently ordered an “entree” salad supposedly including sugar snap peas, shitake mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and ahi tuna.  The vegetable combination was the deciding factor for me, so I was understandably disappointed when the waiter appeared with an appetizer-sized bowl of mostly greens, one snap pea (chopped into pieces), and 2 shitake mushrooms.  Yeah, that filled me right up.

I find it unfortunate that salads have a lot of negative associations.  Diet food.  Rabbit food.  Health food.  Female food.  Food that you have to eat before you can have the good stuff.  

There was a time when I thought I had to live on salads to be healthy.  The portion had to be small, dressing on the side.  I was never satisfied, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Now, my sister calls my salads “serious.”  I don’t play around.  They’re usually towering, full of every vegetable in my fridge, on top of a massive bed of greens.  They don’t contain much dressing because I love to taste the natural flavors.  They always leave me feeling energized and well-fed.  

I’ve learned that part of being healthy is eating what you love.  I happen to love vegetables in great abundance.  I’m happy now to savor a serious salad right alongside warm bread and peanut butter, balancing my plate, satisfying my tastebuds.

I hope one day mainstream restaurants will catch on too, using their salads to celebrate fresh, nutrient-rich, and delicious produce, rather than simply touting them as a waistline-friendly choice.  Truthfully, I wish we could take the weight associations away from every type of food – but that’s a rant for another day.


What size are your salads?



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4 responses to “serious salads.

  1. Serious Salads are a must for me!

  2. annaalstondonnelly

    Amen! Serious salads are my liiiiifffffeee and your pet peeve is one of the reasons going out to eat isn’t that enjoyable for me! Just because I don’t want an entree of chicken with mashed potatoes and buttery vegetables doesn’t mean I want to starve!

  3. I completely agree, salads are meant to be huge and filled with lots of stuff and I love that you don’t have dressing too much, people find me strange as I hate dressing, vegetables taste too damn good to cover it up with ick.
    I hate the diet aspects of food, the whole oh she is on a diet because she is eating salad or healthy food, it’s stupid to label food especially healthy, gorgeous, fresh, wonderful produce.
    Sorry for the slight rant.

  4. Hehe… I make my salads “serious” too! I used to eat “side salads” which had nothing but a little bit of lettuce and maybe some tomato on top. Now I load my plate up until its bursting at the seams! I usually throw in at least like 4-5 diff veggies and I recently discovered that fruit on salad tastes amaaaazing! 😀

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