diving in; a small introduction.

Hello!  Thanks for coming to my little corner of the blog world.

I’ve always loved to write (so much so that I have a degree in it).  And I’ve always loved food.  But as an inherently introverted person, I’ve also always been a bit wary of putting my words into the public eye.  

For several months now, I have been inspired, educated, enamored, and ultimately changed by the many healthy living blogs that I have been lucky enough to stumble across.  I hope to give back at least a portion of what I have learned from this community.

Just a simple intro.  I hope you’ll take a look at my about pages for more!

And so, I’ll leave you with a glimpse of my not-so-elegant dinner:


Roasted chayote and kabocha squash, tossed with Swiss chard, brown lentils, fresh parmesan, and a simple lemon sage vinaigrette.  Comfort food for this gloomy weather!

Thanks again for stopping by!



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4 responses to “diving in; a small introduction.

  1. That looks delicious, elegant or not 🙂 I’m not much of an elegant meal creator haha.

  2. Amy

    Leslie–your comment on my blog post tonight made me smile so much! Thank you for such kind words. I’m excited to read your blog–writing is such a gift and its great that you have such a passion for it.

    ❤ amy

  3. homegirlcaneat

    Shoooo guuurl..your comment was too sweet! I am already a fan of this blog because you are eating KOBOCHA and I am SO jealin!!! I have been wanting to try it for ages! You already my shawty!

  4. Ugh- so far taping is not helping. But I know some people with the same issues having taping done differently, so maybe I have to try another way. Knee issues are really annoying! Has anything worked for you? I feel like PT is making mine worse, or definitely not improving it.

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